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Meme For Fun

Meme 19: Highest recorded temp in Delhi

Meme 18: The Luckiest guy in #AIIMSPULSE2018

Meme 17: Never fall in love with a writer (2):

Meme 16: Never fall in love with a writer (1):

Meme 15: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Meme 14: Biggest Joke for those who want to be doctor!

Meme 13: Happy Shop Owner

Meme 12: Work done = Force X Displacement

Meme 11: 5 black man and a blond...

Meme 10: Sharpened one functions better

Meme 9: When you long for your rightful place...

Meme 8: when you take security, seriously...

Meme 7.
My friend's content in the head. 70% cow dung. Rest 30% empty.

Meme 6.
Legends drink bournvita, horlicks, complan, etc..

Meme 5:
When the world gets crazy over a girl's wink.

Meme 4:

When Doctors Writes ......

Meme 3:
The First Angel Priya ......

Meme 2:
Meme 1: When Life fucks you hard...

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