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A man and his two dogs


       Long long ago, when dogs could speak and big cats could smoke, there lived a man who had two dogs. The dogs were name Marca and Vissa. The dogs loved their master and would greet him happily when he returned from a journey where men traded. 

The man was a hunter. There was a deep, dark, dangerous woods a few miles away from his home, where he would go hunting for game. He would take his dog, Marca with him to hunt, while the second dog, Vissa guarded his home. If the man's luck was good, he and Marca would find an antelope, or a hare and kill it easily. Then the man would bring the hunted animal to his home, where he and the dogs would have a good meal. A part of the flesh, he would take to the market for trading other essential items. 

Somedays, in winter, when luck ran out and the man would return home empty handed with Marca close to his heels. Vissa would wag its tail and greet him happily. The man would pat Vissa lovingly. Well, Marca was jealous when the master showered show much affection to Vissa.

One day Marca asked, "Dear master. Is it not I who go hunting with you so that we can have our food?"

Th man said, "Yes."

"Ain't I risked my life many times to save yours?"


"Haven't I been faithful to you all these years?"

"Yes, you have been."

"But master, why then, do you love and care for Vissa more than me?"

The man smiled, "While hunting, we are together. We work together, and we have saved each other's lives. But Vissa, stays alone and guards the home. That's where we dream to be back after a day's hunt. Managing a home is more important."


Well, many of my readers may have not understood what managing a home means. Neither did I, when I read the story when I was a kid. Those were old times, and we read whatever we got to read. It was okay to favour Vissa over Marca, because we had to know that home was more important than workplace. Beyond that we never knew the depth of wisdom the story presented.

      Long long ago, when a man could take as many wives as he wanted, there lived a man who had two wives. His first wife name was Marcella and his second wife name was Vanessa. Marcella had a mild temperament, was soft-spoken and was hard-working. Vanessa was clever, witty and diplomatic. Marcella and Vanessa, were both beautiful, and faithful to their husband. 

The man was a trader, and he would often take journeys to distant places, staying away from his home for some months. His wife, Vanessa would accompany him during his journey while Marcella would stay at home. Vanessa would help her husband in his business while Marcella would take care of his home. On his return, the man would rush into the arms of Marcella and hug her tightly. Maybe a drop of envy swept into Vanessa, for once she asked her husband -

"My dearest husband! Is it not I who accompanies you on your business trips and helped your business grow?"

"Yes," the man replied.

"Haven't I been faithful to you all these years."

"Yes, you have been, my lady."

"Why is it that I see more love in your eyes for Marcella than me?"

The man smiled, "We have always stayed together all these years, and you have been a faithful wife. But Marcella has been faithful to me in my absence also!" 


Those who understood, well and good. Those who didn't, can happily live with the dog's story and watch POGO!


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