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No, I ain't Dead!


No, I ain't dead!

My life hangs on a thread,

The fire still burns within,

The fuel will again seep in,

And we will skim!

Oft, life takes a turn

That least we apprehend,

And in the waves we are tossed and turned,

That we drown or learn to swim!

No, I am not dead!

It was mud on the raging fire,

To subdue the growing ire!

It gnaws the mud like lye,

Waiting for a time to set itself free,

And roll out like a Tsunami!

Sometimes the river seems calm,

Flowing silently to the unexperienced eye,

But only the wise one understands

The turbulence in the sands,

Like the lines on a palm!

Should I tell you,

That I ain't dead?

Am wholly alive!

Not extinct!

I will arise like a phoenix

From my ashes

To burn the world!


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