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Parallel Lines


He was handsome and she was beautiful. There was nothing unromantic about the couple. He had dreamed a life full of kids with her- his entire life! However, he knew not what was running in her mind. He had planned for a future that they would live a comfortable life. He would work hard, and never let his woman of dreams into any trouble. 

"I am a one woman man," he said to his best friend. "She is my life!" He helped her with her works and slaved himself to keep her in good humor. 

The poor man didn't know what was coming onto him. He had bought an engagement ring for her. And he would propose her.

When he went down on his knees with the ring in his hand, she was flushed. She held his hand and pulled him closer towards her. 

"You are a very good man." She said. "You deserve better. I had always wished a good wife for you. You see, I am older than you. It will be difficult for us to manage. I will grow old soon, and you will need a young wife. I can't accept your proposal, but with all my heart I pray that you will get a girl soon whom you deserve and who will love you with all her heart."

The man was broken. He couldn't say a word. He was just twenty-two and had seen life just for a while. He gathered himself, and went back to his home. Misery began to gnaw him. 

"I can't be broken," he whispered to himself. "I need to re-build myself. It was my fault that I ignored her age. She did what was right. I can't blame her for refusing me."

He kept the ring in a drawer, sat down on a chair and began to dream.

Some years later

They were a perfect couple. Their understanding was mature. They loved each other, and planned of getting married. She was an epitome of wit and intelligence. He adored her and would often ask her help in his work. Her advice and care made him dote on her. That was the end of the world for him. He had everything life would give to a man.

"I am a one-woman man," he told his friend. "She is the one made for me. I am thinking of marrying her soon, and having kids." 

"That's my friend! You are gonna have a happy time with her."

"Yes, we love each other from the core of our hearts. I ain't seeing any other woman in my life."

He was all confident in his relationship. After all he trusted her so much, that he gave her the key to his life's happiness. 

One fine day he asked her to be his wife.

"I have waited for quite long. Will you marry me?" he said.

She deliberated for a while. "You see, you are well-settled in life. You have everything. I have nothing. I have a career to build or everyone will call me a gold-digger if I get married to you without accomplishing anything. The moment I had met you, I wished you had a beautiful wife (not me) who would love you with all her heart. You are a truly amazing person. But you deserve someone better, someone who is accomplished and can stand in your rank."

He was numb, and tried to hold his face. For a while he didn't speak but then he smiled at her, and wished her the best in her life. He was mature and had learnt to keep his emotions to himself. 

The gentleman sat in his room looking at the ring. 

"I am a one-woman man," he said to himself. "Am I?" He repeated aloud.

 "I won't drink or create an outrage. Everyone has their own ambition, goals and dreams. Rejections have been a part of my life. I can just safely lock my shattered heart in a dark corner of my mind and go to bed."

He slept soundly. 

   Some years later

"Daddy, you said you are going to show me a magic." The little kid said to the gentleman next to him. 

"Yes, son. A magic of life, which no one taught me."

They were standing on a bridge with numerous folks lazing around. It was a holiday, and the gentleman was out with his son. 

"Take out your favourite teddy, and hold it, there."

The boy held out his arms, his little hands holding the teddy bear. 

His father held the child in his arms, and asked the child to drop the teddy.

"But daddy, it will fall into the river."

"Trust me, after that the magic begins."

The kid opened his hands and the teddy fell into the river.

It took a moment for the kid to realize that his favorite teddy was gone. 

"Daddy, I want my teddy back."

"Son, it's gone forever. I will get you a new one."

"But that was my favorite one. I want my old teddy." the child wailed out loudly. 

"Son, I will get you your favorite ice-cream. The teddy will not return, just like your mom."

A beautiful lady with brown curls and blue eyes was watching them.

"You are a very cruel dad, to make make this poor child cry."

"Just giving him life's lesson not to get too attached to anyone or anything!" said the man, and walked away with the child sobbing in his arms. 

The lady stood transfixed watching the man and child fade into the crowd.

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