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To the Peace-Fools


They burned the book

They abused someone who lived years ago,

And you retaliated!

That's what they wanted

And you fell for their bait!

What they burned was their book -

Something they bought and owned.

It was not a book you paid for,

That you should riot.

If it is a book of God,

Let God decide for Himself

How to treat his own creations

Who injure His words. 

If they abuse someone who lived years ago,

Do learn from his life

That he cared for the lady

Who threw garbage at him.

Why do you fools retaliate?

Let those who want to 

Burn a book (which they paid for),

Abuse a man who lived years ago,

Let them do so, 

And harm their own souls!

What should you do?

If you have to go to China

To gain wisdom, do so!

Why do you lag in knowledge then?

The rest of the world has gone far ahead!

You revel and do not follow the words

Of the man who taught tolerance and peace,

And expect the world to treat you kindly?

Why do you jeopardize the life of those

Who are willing to live in peace?



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