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To Wakanda: To Chadwick Boseman

Were you a hero in the eyes of men?

I do not know.

But in my eyes, every now and then

You emerge as a Superhero.

Am I a child of years?

Nay, not the least to say.

As you, I am of those who do not shed tears,

I am of those who carves his own way!

Wakanda has lost nothing as your spirit

Lives among the souls who love you.

We can make tall buildings out of grit

And fetch the shield of Vibranium too.

You haven't ceased to exist, Black Panther

You live in the souls of your lover. 

Neither death,

Nor your last breath,

Not the malignancy that gave you pain

Nothing can eliminate a developed brain

That inspires the world without any gain! 


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