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A Strange World!

There’s a world I have just been
Unlike a world anyone has seen!
I travelled through the unknown land,
It was like a desert without a sand.
It was a sea without waves,
It was a mountain without any caves!
As I explored, I saw the river flow upstream
And lionesses reared for milk and cream!
The mice hunted the cats
And eggs were laid in nest by bats!
The hounds lived in burrows scared of hares
And the chickens gave ride to old mares!
The dame had beard long enough to reach the toes
And men had spears pierced on their nose!
There were plump dragons spurting water jets
And slender fishes going ‘to catch bear’ with nets!
There were unicorns with horn on their tails
And cheetahs running slower than snails!
The houses were made of fire that didn’t burn
And the paths were circular without any turn!
The huge trees flew in the sky
And no man ever spoke a lie!
The policemen were extremely honest,
And the character of the politician was the best!
The lawyers’ were always truthful in their dealing
And doctors made no money out of their patient’s healing!
The judges, unbiased, gave judgement in less than a day
For there were no thieves or criminals in anyone’s way!
The king served the common man without any favor
And the poor man had all the dishes to savor!
The sons looked after their father
And wives cared for their husband’s mother!
Strange men lived in that strange country -
It may’ve existed, if it was meant to be!

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  1. There's a world where I am in,
    unalike the world where everyone would grin.
    Ruled by the ducklings in the pond of wealth,
    unaware of their neighbours' health.
    Opponents contemplating themselves as underdogs
    and dogs resting on the throne like fox;
    muscleman cloning Warren Buffett,
    as the universal grey matter sublimed away.
    All fondness of duty lost in Bermuda triangle of power,
    crows cracking their nuts & holding grudges against vowers.
    A single strand of bases expressing its best,
    risking its protein to invest ;
    contrasting to mammals of reasoning
    who at no time cripple their life's seasoning.
    Some jumbled ideas killing lethal cyanides,
    overthrown by honey healing with love infinite.
    Unsung love stories of tranquil owls,
    Minorities slaughtered like conscious fowls.
    Innocent clouds cuddling, overlooked by most in the wide sky
    Mumma sea running to the shore to gather their fly.
    Quarantined in the poverty walls,
    will laze the future goals.
    This is the world I am in ,
    Nothing more strange has ever been.

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