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The Black Dog of Life

Let me tell you a story. There was once upon a time a black dog, who served his master very well. He grew old and died. He was buried. End of the story.
Okay, let me begin again.
There was a black dog, one upon a time. He was a faithful dog. He used to take care of his master. He served his master well all his life. His master was very happy with him. He grew old and died. His master buried him in the pet cemetery after a grand funeral.
End of the story.
Okay, let me begin again.
Once upon a time, there lived a black dog. He was bought by his master when he was a little pup from the pet shop. His owners were kind people, and treated him well. The puppy was pampered and well-cared by the family. The pup grew into a big black dog, and was treated like a family member. The black dog would look after the little kids and guard the house. He would go out for a walk with the old members of the house, in the morning and evening. He would bark joyfully when his master returned from work and lick his hand. The black dog once saved the house from burglary. He was loved by everyone. He grew old. Finally he died. There was a lavish funeral ceremony. He was buried in a pet cemetery.
End of the story.
Do you want me to begin again?
Tired of listening to the same story?
But, I extended it a bit each time. Didn’t you notice it?
Oh! You did. But you still found the story boring?
Okay, for the last time, let me begin. I promise you, you will find it interesting.
There was lived a little black puppy. It was born to a pariah bitch. It was stolen from its mom and sold to a pet shop. Some days later, the Blacks bought the puppy. The puppy looked cute, and the Blacks loved it. The puppy grew into a big black dog. It loved its master and guarded the family. It would whine when it felt there was some danger to the family. The black dog once saved the home from burglary. A man had broken into the house whilst the black dog was guarding and the family was away. The Blacks had found the dead mauled body of the burglar in the backyard. After that no burglar had dared to enter the house. The black dog took care of the kids and it would walk with the old Blacks, in the morning and evening. He grew old doing his duty faithfully. And then he died. But his death was not natural; he was killed by one of the Blacks… There was a grand funeral and the black dog was buried in a pet cemetery.
Now, haven’t I got your curiosity? Isn’t the story interesting? What makes it interesting?
Well, you want to know who murdered the black dog and why?
Let me give you four options to the death of the black dog.
But once I give you the options, it will put limitations to your curiosity and imagination. Without an option, the human mind is capable of limitless imagination. But with the options narrowed to certain facts, you will fail to use your own imagination. And maybe you might ponder for some time and deduce your own answer. But still unless a fact is 100% obvious, we as humans have the tendency to be curious about it.
Here are the options.
A). The black dog was strangled to death by a young Blacks because he wanted to murder old Blacks and the dog prevented him doing so.
B). It was a deliberate experiment done by a young Blacks on the black dog, following which the dog died. He wanted to know the dose of a certain poison.
C). The black dog was old and was more of a nuisance. So, he was euthanized.
D). A young Blacks ran over the black dog while he was driving a car.
Now, I have reduced the limit of your imaginations to just four options.
What if I reduce it to only two options, say B) and D) are not true?
You would more likely hope the answer was C) was true for your own personal reason or you might hope the answer was A) for your own personal experience.
But….but. Once you know the reason, you will lose interest in the story. And I don’t want you to lose interest in the story.
Thought something about life? The black dog is a part of everyone’s life.
Isn’t plain life dull? Keep secrets, make life interesting. Don’t give options. If you do, make sure there are many alternatives. Stay silent, stay interesting. 
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  1. it's good to live a life full of curiosity.
    But living a life in anonymity kills curiosity.
    if you are meeting with people, making friends it's good,
    this is your prior duty.
    Not your generosity.

    1. Come and meet me. It will be your generosity.

  2. I have bookmarked your blog, the articles are way better than other similar blogs.. thanks for a great blog! why does my dog lick the bed


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