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Earnest am I

Earnest am I,
That I am in love with you,
For proof, need I die?
Mad am I,
Madly in love with you.
Dead when am I,
I will continue loving you.
How can I forget you, when
You are like the burning embers
Glowing in the dark chambers
Of my mind, into which I fervently peek
Whenever for you I seek.
If you ever leave me,
Either coerced or willingly,
Will I see to it that you repent?
Or see if you can relent?
Haven’t I loved you enough
To last a lifetime though?
I have held myself guilty,
Should you now be?
Will you not leave your arrogance
And take for once my stance
And yield to my love game?
The lips that quiver with my name
That resonates with love and pain
Wouldn’t I want to kiss again and again?
Earnest am I
To say what is in my heart,
Your pretty laugh and smiles
Has stolen me from myself,
Made me distant from myself
By a thousand miles!
For proof, need I die?
How I long for your light
To dive into the deepest abyss
Of my lonely heart and mind,
And then take the flight
Of imagination
To the moon and sun
And wander along the indefinite space?
Peering from the sky
To gaze at your lovely face!
Will you not relent
Not for your worldly beauty,
But the beauty of you in within,
If for me you were meant?
Let me gaze at your eyes
And see my life’s sunrise
And should you not find me
In love with your soul,
Pluck out my eyes!
Need I emphasize
That I am a constant
When the instant
Love for you is proclaimed,
In the integration of veiled affections,
My claim will be greatly exclaimed
Overwhelmed by my own emotions.
Earnest am I,
When I dote on you
When I live for you
When I die for you
It’s for you my life meant to be!
For proof, need I die?
Aren’t you like the raindrops
That falls to tingle the body
And runs away, leaving no hopes
To stay on forever?
Aren’t you like the waves in the sea
Which ebbs at the shore as if to greet,
Disappearing when I seek to touch
But nevertheless throwing me off my feet!
The water I can’t hold in my hands
Neither firm stays the dry sands,
The rose that has withered
The bird that has flown away,
Are we separate or together tethered?
Why don’t you stay?
Or have something to say?
Earnest am I
For proof, I should die!

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