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Why? (The Girl I Loved)

The sun is gone down,
And sadness creeps as the night.
Lone stands the man,
To reason his distant sight.
“Why?” mutters he to himself?
“Why did God make everything so?
Shouldn’t have I opened my arms
To a fairy or an elf,
Than to linger on a woman’s charm?”
He sighs and he muses,
Whilst the twilight diffuses,
And there is all dankness.
“Why?” he sighs in stress.
“Why, did I listen to her?
To obey the decisions of my brethren,
And not make it to myself clear,
That it was my life and my choice?
Oh! Why did I fall for her,
And behave all the time nice?
Why did I become a good boy
To be used as a toy?
Each moment I have spent with you,
Flashes in the back of my mind!
Her touch, her kisses, reminds me of you,
And so does my kiss,
Makes me feel of you miss!
Her soul has become one with me,
And your soul is already mine!
Would you watch me slowly withering?
Dying by myself without anyone’s knowledge?
Why do I feel your breath,
Your touch, your sensation,
When I ain’t touched by you?”
Lone laments the man,
Hesitant to decide anything.
“It was not for your pain,
That positively affected my brain!
It was your golden heart and dedication
To my cause, when you knew.
Each day, when I asked you,
Early morn you woke me,
Even when you were sleepy.
Each of my words and memories,
Have you kept treasured in your mind,
That when I talk to you,
It’s like the leaves rustling in the breeze,
And I feel my life rewind!
How much can I express my thoughts?
That everything of yours I have safely kept,
As sweet promises and forget-me-nots!
And when I look at them,
As a girl looks at a KitKat,
Only tears arise from my eyes!
Do, I ever tell lies?
When I say about you all I can-
A mere sixteen-seventeen year old lass,
To be wise enough to pass,
The heart of a stone-hearted man!
All I can speak to my brethren is your goodness.
Only the fortunate would God bless,
With your sweet companionship!
That, if I told you to stand before me all night,
You wouldn’t ever
Question me ‘Why’?
Alas, I exchanged gold for silver.
And that makes me ask myself, Why?
God, if You don’t build a bridge on the river,
To connect the gold and silver,
I will surely go under the bridge!”

Why? (The Girl I Loved) Reviewed by Polymath on 8:57 pm Rating: 5


  1. Am emotions like a bird,whose parents free
    Looking for food and nest
    thou the one on whom she rests,
    for thee make all things best.
    Don't make this a decision of haste,
    for she is no more chaste.

    Oh! The bird of emotions
    is lost in thy devotion.

    Thy sobriety was the mealworm,
    the epitome enforces loss of control.
    Often the little bird would stroll,
    in the warmth of thy genial soul
    Loving and wanting thy whole
    became her ultimate goal.

    Oh! The bird of emotions
    is lost in thy devotion.

    Once adoring herself in the mirror,
    the little bird falls in the river
    and discovers thy silver
    Fool's gold she is and shivers;
    chirping for thy help as she disfigures
    realising that her love is so queer.

    Oh!The bird of emotions
    is lost in thy devotion.

    She recalls the time spent together
    Thy presence, being her heather.
    Discerning thy nest of bat's feather,
    Obscurity and darkness wreaths
    Thy forevers make it difficult to breathe
    Drowning doesn't let her wither.

    Oh! The bird of emotions
    is deceased in thy devotion.

  2. so, good to see you again
    for, this topic I won't strain,
    howl of my soul
    hope, would have reached to you,
    if it didn't,
    then, I wish it won't.
    all I wished for,
    Is just your wellness.
    what I got in return?
    Is just pain.
    I thought my beating machine is like rock hardened,
    but, all it was a pane.
    Teach me, how to not be afraid?
    how to tackle hindrance?
    how to get rid of the thoughts of yours?
    teach me and train.
    might be our destinations were different,
    but, we were the passengers of same train.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. let me bite thy those genial flakes
    so, to have it's taste.

    am nasty, crazy and reck
    gets driven crazy,
    to see the mole on thy neck.

    I get cautious
    when the subject is thou,
    though, I am reckless.

    let me hold you tight,
    and I would mark my signature on the waist of thine,
    through unassailable bite.

    I won't loose my hold on you,
    once I get thee in my grip,
    i will grapple thine spongy buns,
    and lift thee up to chest to chest,
    i will get thee this close,
    not an inch space would left.

    don't thou hope for a mercy of mine
    I am a demon,
    extremely demonic,
    all I did till now,
    was just a demonstration for demonstrate.

    don't thou expect any generosity
    I won't stop, not even for god's sake
    whether thou call me wacky, kooky or reck,
    I won't heed at that,
    I will do of my consent.

    I am evil,
    not just evil,
    But a devil
    if it truly comprehend,
    who forcefully wants to deliver all his masculine,
    to a woman who lies a baby beneath.

    I will make thee mine,
    through, snatching your pureness and divinity,
    which lies within thy virginity.

    will color thee in my shade
    will make thee mine,
    and that would be my only grace,
    whether is thy consent or not.


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