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Very Exciting World Cup Cricket Final Match between England and New Zealand may lead to deaths in audience

Image: England vs New Zealand
New Zealand and England cricket team reached the world cup final.
The match has very high excitement during the event. So, it's plausible there will be increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality among fans of these two nations. The losing team fans may commit self-harm. Both the excitement in the event and excitement of the event has been high. Correspondingly, a large number of spectators are watching this match, and tomorrow, it will be in the top news. The hot star statistics shows about 13 million views live.
Before the match began, England had a higher probability of winning. But after the second half, it looked New Zealand would win. However it ended in a tie. And the results will be decided by playing 6 balls again by each team.
Image: England, New Zealand winning probability in the first half of the match.
Image: New Zealand, England probability of winning the match during the second half of the game.
Overall, the match was very exciting.
Kudos to whoever wins. It's all a gentlemen's game!
#It's a tie but England won as they had more number of fours in the match and superovers combined. New Zealand fans can console themselves that though England won, but New Zealand didn't lose.😊 It's a victory for them. Maybe, this will keep the morbidity and self harm in New Zealand supporters low.
Total number of spectators in hotstar turned out to be 16 million during the death ball. Quite an interesting breath taking match. The English will die of happiness.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚
And the strangest fact is that the last over of England batting was repeated by New Zealand in the super over, where they needed 16 runs to win, and two runs in the last ball, but was run out while running for the second.
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