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High Excitement in India-New Zealand Semifinal ICC World Cup 2019 Cricket Match (edit; leads to death due to heart failure/shock in Indian audience)

Man attempts suicide after Dhoni's run out

cricket-fan-dies-in-bihar-while-watching-thrilling-India vs New Zealand cricket match
Well the Indians are very passionate about cricket. Cricket is just not a sport but an emotion in India. And Indians, are naturally biased to their national team. The world cup semi-final was to be played between India and New Zealand on 9th July 2019, but due to rains, it was continued till 10th July.
India had a high chance of winning the match. The Indian team as well as the Indians were confident that they would win.
The winning probability as shown by the ICC website showed India had high chances of winning the match.
Image: India and New Zealand winning probability before the match
For the cricket fans who were biased to team India's win, it was initially a high positive excitement match, while for the unbiased cricket fans it had low excitement initially.
But as the match progressed, the chance of New Zealand increased, thanks to the rains. Towards the end of the time, the probability of New Zealand winning during greatly increased. It can be seen in the following images.

Image: While New Zealand was batting, they had low chance of winning. 
Excitement for the Indian cricket fans was high but not for the unbiased cricket fans, while there was depression for New Zealand cricket fans.
But the scenario changed once Indian team started batting.

Image: The probability of winning became equal within the early overs of the second innings, as team India lost two wickets getting five runs.

After that team India played slow and lost a couple of more wickets, and the winning probability went in favour of New Zealand.
Image: With the loss of 3rd wicket team India had only 32% chance of winning.

Image: The hopes and excitement in the match was kept by Ravindra Jadeja.

Image: And that's how it ended, before the last ball and wicket!

The Indian cricket team lost the match even though they had high chances of winning before the match began. But during the match, for an unbiased observer, the match became exciting because a weak team defeated a strong team.
While there was negative excitement for the Indian Cricket team fans, because of the high hopes that they would win. This negative excitement as observed will be responsible for proportionately higher number of mortality or morbidity due to cardiovascular events or self harm (especially in the Indian population). Those who have gambled in favour of team India winning, are especially at high risk, the risk being proportional to the value of loss.
 So, it is imperative for responsible people to look after those who are at risk or the risk groups.
Unfortunately the Indian team is out of the World Cup, but the match was well played. And you have to give credit where it is due. Well played, Kiwis!
The high excitement during the match also caused a large number of audience to watch the game.
And the excitement after the event has turned out to be high, which will make headlines tomorrow.

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