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Fury in the mind

She stood gazing at the falling sun,
And he hated the pensive mood.
Distraught was he, as he stood
To say, “All is good!”
Normal ya, won’t ye do something?
Breathe dear, deeeeeeep,
And if she can fall asleeeeeep,
With memories to keeeeep!
Make it a funeral,
Sing the lyre
And light the pyre
And sink into the mire!
There is fury in him,
There is annoyance in her.
She keeps herself clear
Away from his spur.
Gaze into her wild eyes,
And light the passion,
Feel the emotion,
And avoid confrontation!
Keep a bitch of her name
And let him call her out.
He will be soft or shout,
Smack and give a clout!
Who knows what is burning
In their troubled heart and mind.
Each plan is a halcyon blind
Awaiting the harsh wind.
Fury in the mind
Troubles the soul,
Can a man be whole
Stained with a mole?
Life has it choices,
And she makes her own,
She will be fully grown,
He will reap what he has sown.
Fury lies within the hearrrrrrrrts,
And notches the dream,
Hopes all down in the stream,
Pretty awful it may seem!

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