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The Poor Love Bird - I

The poor bird sits alone,
While the couple makes merry!
They make love and have fun,
And all he can do is see!
Sad he is, if you knew!
And such sadness,
Only the desolate few,
Feels in other's happiness!
The Poor Love Bird - I Reviewed by Polymath on 12:31 am Rating: 5


  1. Take me into you,
    I just want to rest,
    Have been tired of walking from so long,
    Sing me a lullaby ,
    So, I just get fallen in sleep.

    Neverthless I keep on wondering,
    Here and there in search of thine,
    Or should I say in search of a pearl of mine,
    You have everything, which I need ,
    On a very serious note,
    I strongly commend you,
    Just Wanna have you,
    Even if by breach.

    I have been on the road , which leads to you,
    Still the destination is too far from the reach.
    Tell me if there's a way possible to get to you soon,
    I'm all ready to do anything ,
    If I have to go out through the darkest of forest
    I won't hesitate,
    I'm even agree to swim the river to get to you.
    Tell me just a way possible,
    I will surely go through it.

    It is just you,
    Which I need.��

  2. If you seek with all your heart
    There's no way, you can stay apart,
    From me, from me!
    So it be!


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