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The Lover's Plaint in Anger

Why should I stick to my value?
And be faithful to you?
Have I nothing more to do,
Than wait for late replies?
While my heart silently cries!
Why do I fail to see
That you talk when you are free,
While even though I may be busy?
And you reluctantly speak
With more of in-between break!
Why do I wait for you,
Each day to just receive a word or two?
All you say is good night,
And disappear out of sight!
Why do I have to do all drama,
To check my stamina
Of self-control?
Why do i have to enroll
In this stupid game of love
And pretend to fly like a dove?
Shouldn't I dwell alone,
An alone me will happy be?
Aren't the gods jealous of me?
That I try like them to be!
These stupid principles I follow,
Won't give me anything tomorrow,
They won't let me live or die,
And give neither sadness nor joy!
Why am I being a mad man?
Running for something that can
Harm the heart and brain!
Why am I being so insane?
I am tired of all the self-imposed rules,
Composing myself with worn-out tools!
Faking smile, and laughing when I am not,
And trying to remember things I forgot!
Fake is the world I made,
We two are knit in the same thread,
And for each other's sake,
Try to keep happiness awake.
If you are mine, be mine. If not,
Better move on and break the knot!
Why should I keep on sticking to you?
When to stay away, is what you do!
I am tired and need rest!
Far from this world would be best!
Alone me, is a happy me.
Alone be, is a happy be!

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