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Do Men Cry?

Boys do not cry,
For boys are meant to be men.
And men don’t cry!
Tears are meant for the weak!
Would I tell the truth
Or would I lie –
That men don’t cry?
You are the perfect woman for me
And everything was perfect,
Not a moment was strange.
But the moment doth change!
When, people meant for each other,
Aren’t to be together,
Aren’t you mine but not mine?
There’s only one in all essence,
You can give your heart to.
Should I say because of your absence,
How broken am I with nothing to do!
I love you with all my heart,
I need you, my love!
I touch your letters, and feel the pain
The pang that roughs the heart and brain.
I touch the words and feel them,
I touch you through your words.
Beautiful you are, entrapped in my heart!
Why is it we have to stay apart?
And bear so much pain!
I will know you in the Light of Heaven,
I will know you in the depth of Hell!
I will know you in utter darkness,
I will know you in the deepest well!
Let me rise and strive for you.
Dearest love, need I hear,
(Be it a whisper)
Your soft voice to know it’s you?
Your words speaks you.
The letters I touch and weep,
Who will understand my tears?
For there’s none to see!
You cannot fathom my love for thee!
That’s hid in my heart for thee!
Every day I see your letters,
With your gift messages and signed note,
The words you have writ,
A smile comes and then tears
Gushes out in a fit,
And whence my heart splits!
Do I cry at my failures?
Do I cry out of self-pity?
Not even the deadliest wound,
Not even the greatest affliction to the body
Can daunt a man’s spirit to make him cry.
Tears are not for men…
They are for those who do wrong,
The feeble and the fair sex.
For men are born strong!
But only strong heart-felt emotions
Makes the eyes moist.
Deep in some cavern,
Deep inside some hole,
In the depths of Hell
Where there is none
To see or smell
Or hear the heart-rending wail
That would turn monsters pale,
Not known by anyone,
Hid from all,
Feeling the touch of love in loneliness,
Nobody to wipe his tears,
Nobody to see his fears,
There…yes there, all alone,
Men do cry…

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