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Forget me Not

The day I forget my love for you
Will be the last day of my life!
The day I forget to dream of you
Will be my end, O’ my sweet wife!
The day my heart doesn’t beat for you,
Will be the day my heart stops forever!
A day without your name in my breath,
Such a day hasn’t been ever!
Let me die that day,
If ever I dream of anyone but you.
Let me feel you in real,
And in my dreams too!
I envy the winds that plays
With your loose hair and kisses you!
I envy the moon that stays
The night to get a glimpse of you!
I envy the earth you tread on
For they get to touch your feet,
I envy the mighty sun,
That every morn you greet!
So filled am I with envy
All for the sake of thee!
Will God be pleased with me
That you are my priority?
Do I know whence this love arises
And whence it flows in my vein?
And when it ebbs and again rises
To crave for you again and again!
Your love is more addictive than nicotine
Without which I will go insane.
To live without you, is to commit sin
To my soul, always in pain!
Dear love, always be
Happy and carefree,
I pray for thee

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  1. I do bethink myself of those dark nights,
    I'd sit in that little old chair
    talking for hours about pleasant little fights.
    I held the phone up towards my left ear,
    Sometimes I had to switch sides
    'cause my arm was tired;
    Fear of thy loss would subside
    Thy company was what I desired.
    Oh,talk to me for some more time,
    let me hold thy hands and pull thee near
    'cause poetry man thee make all things rhyme
    let me pour words thee have been needing to hear.
    When I'm enveloped by comforting darkness,
    I find myself mulling o'er thee.
    Thy hypnotizing aroma,full of balminess
    Drowns me in the everlasting love sea.
    My fingers grazing upon thy number,
    Until I realise it isn't thine,
    Strange,sturdy and gloomy shadows lumber
    promising thy to be forever mine.
    Will you know my name ?
    If we shall encounter in paradise.
    Will it be the same ?
    I must disguise
    I must be strong and carry on.
    'cause I know I don't belong here in heaven.

  2. you write so well.


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