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Are Muslims Terrorists?

The Kashmir Issue

Abstract:  Yes, but…


In the recent times, terrorists have become synonymous with Muslims. And Muslims have tried to defend themselves and their religion. Being on the defensive mode and the receiving end, Muslims have been all the more attacked by other religious/non-religious groups.
Everything has a formation, growth, expansion, gradual decline and finally end. It has been the case with civilizations, dynasties and even with the stars. Is it the time has come that the Muslims have reached their zenith and now are in declining phase?
It is easier to conquer the world than to conquer oneself. The Muslim community has been provided with such measures to conquer oneself. A community that abstains from alcohol or any form of drug abuse, awakes early in the morning, much before sunrise, has strict forbidding to adultery and sexual promiscuity and have been told to pray five times a day, so that no mental conflict would arise. A month’s fasting abstaining from food, water and sexual activity during the day, so that an individual can have control over himself, and be his own master. The punctuality in life is remarkable. There is not a minute delay when it comes to say Adhan (the prayer call). Where could you find such punctuality in daily life? A community which has been shown the path to live life in a righteous way in the minutest details, so that they don’t have to dispute among themselves. The teachings and the root word of the religion all mean peace, and every activities are directed towards obtaining peace.
So, where does the vices creep in the Muslim community? That even after having the best practises, and having control of important natural resources, is yet seen to be an under-developed violent community. What has held the Muslim community from developing and becoming the most advanced community?
Even with ample of resources, there is a lacunae in the Muslim world. Of the more than fifty Muslim majority nations, there is not one that has given a good scientist in today’s times. Not to talk about history and heritage, for the time is now, and Muslims are losing their grounds. What is the reason for the miserable state of the Muslims? You may talk of the knowledge Muslims contributed to human civilization in the past – to optics, algebra and medicine! But that was past.
The time is now, where Muslims are seen as potential terrorists. Of the last 12 Nobel Peace Laureates 5 of them are Muslims. This is grave, something to worry about, because peace prize is given to those who are in conflict.  And conflict doesn’t lead to development and progress. The Nobel Prize for peace is nothing to boast about, for even the most undeserving candidates like Kissinger have won the prize, while the epitome of peace like Gandhi was rejected. In the Muslim dominated regions of conflict, it is only the Muslims who can bring peace, and therefore a 40% share in the Nobel Peace Prize for the last 12 years is not surprising.

Background of the propaganda that Muslims are terrorists

When you are so backward in education, how do you expect to battle with a powerful learned person. They come at your back-yard and destroy your houses. How will you retaliate? By hiding and surprise confronting, like a mountain rat. The world calls such attacks that can’t afford an open war as terrorism and those indulged in it as terrorists.
Shivaji led the guerrilla warfare against the Mughals. If he would have done now, he would have been branded a terrorist. With lack of intellectual resources, Muslims can only resort to guerrilla warfare. Hide and attack the enemies. Surprise them. And that is exactly what a terrorists does. Muslims were linked to terrorism post 11th September 2001 attacks. And Pakistan as a terrorist hub, when USA killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad in 2011. Ever since Pakistan has been seen as a haven for terrorists and a country that manufactures terrorists.
As a society, there are very few rationalists. You need the intelligence to survive in this modern world. This is not the world of swords and daggers. If you think the sword is mightier than the pen, then only God’s mercy can save you.

The Problem, Analogous to the Human Body

The Muslims hinder their own growth. The leaders are more indulged in filling their coffers and making their own development. No one thinks of the society at large. They forget that making wealth only for themselves and their future generation would eventually lead to ultimate loss for themselves, because such accumulated wealth would eventually get dissipated from their community. The brothers are brother’s biggest enemies. Why would they see their brother fare better? No. Cases have been when two brothers fought, just because one brother built a house that was foot higher than the other. Muslims have been Muslims greatest enemies. That’s the sad fact. Going into the details from the community level. Does one Muslim see the rise of another Muslim with happiness? The neighbours happens to be the greatest cut-throat rivals.
The Arab leaders have more of been enjoying than doing anything notable for their subjects. All they have been interested is in maintaining their position of power. And all their goals have been directed towards being in power forever. There are kings who flies in gold planes and drives diamond studded gold cars. And the subjects have become gluttons, while the country’s resources is supplied to keep other people happy. When you use religion to divorce the fourth wife, and take a fifth one just for the sole purpose of pleasure, or you marry with the sole intention to get pleasure and divorce, you can never develop as a community. It rather is a fall of your morals, and all the blame comes on religion you misuse.
What has made Muslims choose the path of violence? Now, it is for the powerful to decide whom to call terrorists. Muslims have been on the defensive side. With very little access to technology, they use conventional weapons. The leaders of the groups are Mullahs who are hypocrites. They will abuse Science and western civilization, but won’t mind using the cell-phones, the public transport buses, trains, aeroplanes, and using the allopathic medicines.
Muslims are facing a situation as seen in the people suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic syndrome where there is excess of glucose in the body, but unfortunately the body cannot use it. Muslims have access to plentiful of natural resources, but the problem lies is that, they are too underdeveloped to use it.
Why is the Muslim community so behind in development? Are there any measures the community could take to improve their standard of living in the international community?
As a part of this community, the members have been spending more on food and pleasure than on education. With numerous children, the earning member spends more on unhealthy food in India, which is costlier than vegetarian food. But for the education of their children, the spending has been very meagre. The interest of the parents towards their children’s education is minimal. The school dropouts are very high. Very few go to high school, and fewer still to get a degree. A professional degree holder is like finding needle in haystack.
Most of them who want their children to study and do well, or who try to prosper, their relatives or neighbours would try to morally demean them. The reactions of the community to towards those who study Western education are as such –
“You can’t and shouldn’t study English. It’s against our religion. You are not inculcating good habits in your children.”
“See after this English Education, I have seen your children standing and using the loo. You don’t have any sense of our religion?”
“English education is not good for religion. It is not good for community. Our Prophet has told us to learn Arabic. Learn it, and walk on his principles of Sunnah in your life. This science and television has ruined everything.”

The Kashmir Issue:

The people of Kashmir does hold a grudge against India. Through the 70 years of independence, there have been a heavy military infiltration in the area. It is like Kashmir has been treated like a graft in the body of India. A piece of foreign material that is necessity for the survival of the organism. And unfortunately Kashmir occupies the head of India and without the head, the identity of India will be lost. Not to speak about the thought process occurring in the head. A body without the head ceases to exist in its soul. The founders of the nation committed a mistake in the early development of the nation in that they separated Kashmir giving it the status of a guest.
 If you question the patriotism of someone and ask them to prove that they are patriotic, it is more likely that your questioning will make him feel like he is an outsider that he/she has to prove his/her loyalty to the country. If only a particular community is targeted, it will further increase their hostility towards the nation or those who question them. I don’t need to prove I love my mother. But if someone asks me to prove that I love my mother, and he compares me with my brother and tells me how much he loves and cares for my mother; my love for my mother won’t lessen but surely I will hate the person who asks for such proofs!
The testes and the eyes in the human body are immunologically privileged sites and treated as foreign by the body’s own defence system. They have been bound in a membrane to save them from the body leukocytes or they will attack and destroy the body own tissue. The sperms produced inside the testis have to be separated from the immune system by a barrier known as the blood-testis barrier provided by Sertoli cells.
And this has happened because during the embryonic times, the eye lenses were kept separated from the body by special membrane, and did not develop tolerance to the body leukocytes, that is the army forces. While the sperms develop after puberty after the central tolerance in the body is established and therefore the body immunity considers sperms to be an outsider.
They have been treated as foreign particles (antigens). And that has been exactly the case of Kashmir and the states that wants to separate from the Union of India. The integration of over 550 princely states into the Union of India today is not a problem today, because it happened during the embryonic stage of the conception of the country. The accession of the north-eastern states happened during the early infancy when the immune-competency was weak, and the country could assimilate the states into itself, easily. Though there are separatist leaders in the north-eastern region, but still they all consider themselves Indian, and the anti-response is not strong like Kashmir.

The Rogue State: 

Pakistan was supposed to be a tumour of India and resected from the body so that the nation could survive; only to realize, it was a growing twin. That part now known as Pakistan and Bangladesh has managed to survive on its own. And has grown a hatred for India. With four wars and the hostile situation between each nation, only a miracle can unite the two nations into one great Nation that was the original Bharatvarsha. The ties between India and Pakistan are that of blood. They can be the bitterest foes, for they have the same blood running through their veins.
Pakistan has a statesman as the Prime Minister right now. His concern is his nation first before his political party. While India has a good strong leader as the Prime Minister. However, his work is mostly dedicated to the growth of his party. That’s what has made a difference in the attitude of the two Premiers. Pakistan’s economic growth was much better than India during the 1960s. They even won more medals in Asian games than India in 1950s. After the military coup (the first in 1958), they changed from a secular state to an Islamic fundamentalist one, with persecution of other religious minority groups, and in parallel their growth rate also spiralled downwards. Some lessons need to be learnt from history.
Terrorists and their producers are like mad dogs. They will bite the hand that feeds them. From its inception, Pakistan has lied to its citizens and to the world. On a mass scale,

 “fake it till you make it”

 won’t work. Because, not everyone is a fool. There are many who can see through the lies you speak. It is high time, if you want to see the growth of your country, first accept where you are wrong. Lying about your own weakness, won’t remove your weakness. Once you accept your weakness and flaws, it will be easier to work on them to accelerate your growth. But if you continue to deny your misdeeds, you will continue to deteriorate economically and morally. And once you lose respect, it will be hard to regain respect again. There will be people who will oppose the greater good. And they will be people who have power. They are the ones who create problems and hindrance to development. Pakistan, as a nation, you have got a statesman PM. If you do not reap the benefits now, you will get into a never ending loop of poverty and debt. Forget Kashmir. Work on your own development. If you are developed enough, there will come a messiah who will make the divided country whole again. By blood you are Indian. Wearing an Arabian outfit won’t make you an Arab. And the Arabs never treated you as equals.  

The Solution, Analogous to the Human Body

The time has come to separate the Muslim clergy (Maulanas), from decision making process related to government and law. Akbar the Great did that, and he created a powerful empire that lasted for three centuries.
Muslims need a leader with a good vision. A leader who can look into the future and think about humanity before thinking of himself and holding onto his position.
Looking into the scientific research papers, I do not find any research output from the Muslims or Muslim nations. Why have the Muslims neglected Science so much, but doesn’t hesitate to use the benefits science has to afford. Why this hypocrisy? On Fridays, you have Ulemas lecturing the masses. Not one of them speaks, that you should seek out the scientific truth. Till date, of the numerous Friday prayers I have attended, I have just only once heard a Maulana who delivered a takrir on the usefulness of Science. He said, that anything which man has made, like a new medicine, or a new device that has helped humanity, Allah’s blessing will be on him. As those who benefit will directly or indirectly pray for the person who helped them. But such Maulanas are rare to find. There are only those who teach outdated information. The times have changed. If you are making use of something, and know something try to make your community aware of it. It is all about survival. Muslims have a lesson to learn from Israel. They have defended themselves, because it is a matter of survival for them. And they have evolved into one of the most powerful nations.
Not one of those suicide bombers are there, who have read and understood the Quran. They who blow themselves up in the name of religion have never read the Quran, and trust those who uses the verses for their own benefit. Those who can interpret the verses of the Quran to kill innocent people, can surely interpret other verses to suit their own needs.
If there are more leukocytes in certain part of the body without observance of an antigen (foreign body), it is likely to be an autoimmune reaction. It is a disorder, in that the cells of the body may be considered as antigen (foreign) and attacked by antibodies (forces). Excess of antibodies is harmful even to the own body. And that has been the case of Kashmir.
The article of 370 and 35a have been more of a membrane covering Kashmir and segregating it from India. And removing it at once will invoke more of an antigen-antibody reaction that can prove fatal to the organ or state of Kashmir and overall the nation. The Kashmiris and the separatists have to be brought up into one fold. There are Muslims in Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat. But the Muslims there do not owe allegiance to Pakistan or feel they are not a part of the country. It has been a misfortune on the part of our leaders, who couldn’t understand that a country is analogous to a human body. Immunosuppression and gradual elimination of the articles is mandated. The Kashmiris should be treated as equals, not discriminated on any basis, and similar cells from other organs should be allowed to reside there, so that they do not turn against the body quickly. Gradually over a period of time, there will be change in the demography and sentiments of the people, and the graft will be wholly inculcated into the body, without the need of immuno-suppression or use of high quantity of body’s antibodies.
Kashmir is India’s part, then treat it as India’s part. Not as a guest. Share the joys and sorrows of the nation, together. Don’t give special privilege like a guest; no matter what, a guest will always feel they don’t belong to the house, even if they are given all the comforts. For integration into the country wholly, it is necessary to have pan happy and sad moments. If the hand is hurt, the eyes or nose doesn’t rejoice. The entire body suffers! The same should happen with the country.
Just like it is necessary for a child to laugh and cry for a good mental and physical growth, likewise there will be happy and sad times for the nation for a good development. If a child only laughs without crying, something is definitely wrong with the child. 


It is all a matter of time, when a good doctor will come who can cure the disease of terrorism and make the nation whole again! 

 Note - Pakistani common people's views will be highly appreciated!

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