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Let Me Own You ( #LMOY )

Tribute to You Don't Own Me #YDOM

Let me own you,
(make you mine)
And make you my world!
Let me tell you what to do,
My shining piece of emerald!
I have loved you,
More than I loved myself!
You know that too
I have left my heart on your shelf!
Don’t go bad,
To desert me for other boys.
It will be sad
To be one among your many toys!
You are my only toy,
The company of my loneliness.
Not a minute passes by,
Without your grace.
Let me own you completely,
Let me rule your mind.
Be a part of me,
Be my precious find!
Let me love every inch of your soul
Let me rule over you,
Be mine, make me whole
Be mine, with your “I do!”
Listen to what I have to say,
Be the life of my body,
Be my night, be my day!
Be my light, to see!
You are my deepest emotion
Not an object to display.
Graft with me to be one,
Two paths merged to make a way.
Let me own you,
And make you stay
As you are, as I knew,
Never change you in anyway!
Let me hold your hand forever
Let my soul drown in you
Let me feel your fever
Let our hearts be true!
Let me hide you from everyone
In some dark cave.
Let us together be under the sun
Cuddled in one grave!
For God’s sake,
Let me tell you, what to do.
For once, let me own you!
My life is in you,
My life is for you.
And you know that, too!
For once, be mine forever
And let me tell you what to do!

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