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The Virtual Psycho

Smart people usually tend to be alone. Some turn into psychopaths…

The Yamuna Angulimal

The police are baffled and so are the residents of Delhi. Five gruesome murders, with news all over that a psychopath is on the prowl taking down his victims’ life very severely! It is said, he must be a maniac, for all his victims are young adult men. And then, he must be having some sexual disorder because he cut the genitals of his victims, and their fingers.The bodies were found in the river of Yamuna. It is common to dispose corpses into the river for some unnatural deaths according to the Hindu custom. But, when these floating corpses were found to be those of missing person, it aroused the suspicion of the cops. And then a news channel reported about a possible kidnapping of a high school student, and subsequently his mutilated body was found in the banks of Yamuna. It has created a stir in the city. And when two more bodies were discovered in the river, bearing the signature mark of the serial killer, the citizens took to protest. They said the police had become dumb.
Maybe, the killer is a woman or a homosexual – but whatever, he is a psychopath. He lures the victims easily to their death. And the police has tried in vain to find some pattern of the crime. But all they do is to find dead bodies of missing person.

I looked at the newspaper clipping, smacking my lips with pride. Angulimal was a dacoit in the times of Gautama Buddha. It was said he had killed 99 people and made a garland of fingers around his neck. He was looking for his 100th prey, when Lord Buddha enlightened him of his wrongdoings. Probably, he was the earliest of the psychopaths, and returned to an ordinary life.
The gruesome story begins when I made my fake account on social media. I have been interested in the deep web. I had read that 95% of the world of internet resides in the deep web, which is inaccessible to the normal public. Out of that around 5% of the internet is the dark web. By, dark, it means it is really dark and creepy. I have seen real monsters there. Monsters in human skin. The world of dark web is exciting and frightful as well. And if you get involved, you are as much likely to be ruined. It is better to go there using an untraceable web browser, that doesn’t give your real location and IP address.
There are people like me all over the world with similar interests. Something within me was getting me enraged. Felt like I wanted to revenge myself. From this world, from everyone. There are people who are cold and emotionless like a reptile. We eat, sleep and covet. But we don’t know the meaning of emotion. And usually, some of us have a mental satisfaction when we see living creatures in agony. Inflicting pain gives us happiness. Pain to others…
After taking my sixth victim, I considered myself an ace in my art. My first victim was my friend. He used to have nothing to do but talk of sex and read incestuous porn stories on the internet. He spent most of his time on the internet. It infuriated me. And after a careful planning of three months, I killed him and sacked his body and dumped into the dirty Yamuna. I didn’t feel any remorse for the deed. That night, I had a peaceful sleep. I had freed this world of a dirty scum.
You would like to know the crime of these dead people. They would talk to me on the social website and then block me. I don’t like to be blocked on social media. I have already been socially excluded for my overwhelming intelligence. How can someone block me? It is easy for me to hack someone’s account, and then hack their limbs that pressed the block button. So, girl (or boy) you want to avoid me? Do it now! But not when I get to know you, or you will end butchered.
I need social acceptance. It enrages me to find myself excluded even on the social media. Those who play this blocking game has to pay severely and dearly with their life. People would call me a maniac – a psychopath. I don’t care, but when I hear the screams of my victims; it gives me a sense of inner peace. I love to chop all the fingers of my victim, and then give them their bloodied cell phone to type whatever they want.

“Let’s have a chat.” I say.

They shit in their pants. Can think of nothing, but calling the police or their kin. And that is where they err. Maybe I would have pitied them, if they did as I told. I would have tortured them less and made them live a little longer.
But all they do is to scream and make my warm blood go cold. It gives me pleasure to watch my victims scream, and so I make them scream all the more louder.
 Well, I was not like this always. I too once loved a girl. Maybe, I was a romantic one sided lover, and the refusal of the girl numbed all my emotions. I couldn’t feel pity for anyone. I wouldn’t mind being a mass killer. But, then I also had developed pathological shyness. I couldn’t step out of my room. I have lived for half a month on stretch inside a room with just tea and biscuits. And, in this world, I had a deep like for the internet. They let me mix with the society, without being a part of it. I have been so much addicted to internet, that without the internet I feel something missing in my life. I get anxious and once I suffered from manic-depression, when I had to stay a week long without the internet. Ever since the internet has become a part of my life. I wake up with the mobile in my hand and keep on using it, till it irritates the next fellow. I sleep with the mobile in my hand – which is a few hours from 7:00 am to 12 noon. I keep awake all night, for I love the night which hides my face and activities.
In one of my search for a candidate on the internet, who could talk about sex, and gore, I met this guy Andy Solomon. The game began, when I messaged Andy. He was looking for a partner who could have an affair with his wife, and humiliate him. A cuckold sort of man he was. I was interested to know about him more. Andy was a macho and sadist. He wanted someone to abuse him and his wife.
And as we talked he sent me the pictures of his wife. They didn’t reveal the face, but then it showed all the naked curves of a woman. I was excited. Well she seemed to be a bit dark, but she had excellent features. The curves were good; she seemed to be a voluptuous woman. We talked about her, and Andy said how she had cheated him for his nephew. I was sorry for the poor man. He was helpless, as she was dominant in the relationship. All curse to his premature ejaculation! He was infuriated of his wife’s infidelity and his own impotence. He would seek unknown strangers on the internet to speak of his wife’s infidelity and relieve himself of his guilt.
He preferred calling on the messenger call, and asking me to vocally abuse him. That would make him orgasm. I wondered what pleasure he derived from such abuses. Something was wrong with him. And something was wrong with me to abuse him on the phone call.
 “Abuse me,” said he on the Messenger call. “Use, as much foul languages for me. Abuse my wife. How should I dress her up and bring her to you?”
“Bring her as you like,” I said.
“Ha. That’s good my boy. Will it do, if I bring her in the bridal dress?”
“Sure,” I said. “I will love it.”
“You like buxom women, don’t you?”
“I do.” I replied.
“Well, you better come quickly.”
I wanted to have a physical relationship with his wife. And he was all the more eager to see me doing the act. That, he said would give him intense gratification, seeing his wife being dominated by a stranger. And he suggested, if I weren’t capable alone, I could bring a friend along. That would serve to satisfy his wife. I asked him if I could meet him and his wife. And indeed he was all the more eager. He readily gave me his address.  It made me a bit suspicious of him, but I decided to go on with the flow. He was overall a real cuckold of a man. And wouldn’t mind me being a bull for his wife.
I talked as usual, with Andy, abusing his wife. He then said he had a daughter, and wanted me to marry her. Well! That was incredible. He wanted me as a son-in-law. I asked for the pictures of his daughter. He showed me some pictures that didn’t reveal the girl’s face. But she was very different from the mother. The fool should have done his homework properly. He couldn’t figure out that a daughter would somehow resemble her mother. And she looked a different race altogether. Her mother was dark and had Tamilian features while she had a Kashmiri look.
He asked me where I worked, and how much I earned. It would need to be a good government job to keep a family happy and going. Good! He was offering me his wife. And now he had come to offer his daughter. A 17 year old girl. And he would get her married when she was 18 to me, if I promised to bang both his daughter and his wife. I was apprehensive about what he said. Marriage was not a simple thing. It involved parents and the society. And this damned Andy, wanted me to call my family (which I never would) and arrange a meeting for them. That was something good he thought, for his daughter. Deep in my mind I thought, “Like mother, like daughter”.
The next time we talked, he showed me the full pictures of his wife. He made me promise to delete the pictures after seeing them. I promised but had no interest in keeping my promise. But then, some of the pictures seemed to be in gross contrast with others. I suspected foul play. So, I did a reverse google image search. And my doubt was confirmed. He had sent me the pictures of some South Indian B grade movie actress, Swathi Naidu. Her MMS had leaked, and she was all over the internet. I found Swathi Naidu on Xvideos and Pornhub.
I decided to play cool. So, this gentleman had been lying to me all along and creating stories out of his head. I wondered, why. Here I was saving people from committing grave sins by ending their scum lives, and this guy was making me fall for his damned wife! Maybe a wife who didn’t exist at all!
He needed someone who was young and had the stamina of a horse to satisfy the cravings of his wife. They say a psycho has no insight. Perhaps they are wrong. I would damn all the psychologists if they couldn’t see the inner me.
We decided to meet on a fixed date, time and place, which was at his home. It was planned that I would see his wife, and daughter. Andy was cautious. He had invited me, and had taken his safety precautions. And likewise I took my precautions. I had to clean up the scums of the society. And maybe he had the same motto. To kill the pleasure seekers for his own pleasure.
It was an early September morning, when I was at Andy’s place. It was an old brick building in Noida, which is in Delhi NCR. It had a gloomy look, and I smiled at his wonderful choice. You can do the job, without bringing to anyone’s notice. Andy turned out to be a gruff looking man unlike me. He had short beard, his hair was unkempt and he looked more of a savage.
I asked him where his wife and daughter was. He ushered me to go inside his house.
When we were seated at the table on which food had been laid, began our bloody battle. I refused to eat demanding first to see his wife and daughter.
He had a gun in his hand. He smiled savagely. “I think, you would love to have a real taste of fun.”
I just stared at him coldly.
And then he offered me,

 “The Pills of Suspense. One contains poison, and the other contains flour, which is harmless. You choose one pill, and I will take the other pill. The world may be a cheat, and unfair – but I have been fair to all my honoured guests.”

 He kept two pills, one green and other yellow on the table. There were two glasses of water.
I was expert in this. I wanted Andy to talk to know how many he had killed. That way I would be certain, the glass of water was poisoned and not the pills. Yes, the victims in fright and haste forget that the serial killer must have made his own escape plan for a sure hit, and poisoned the drink and not the pill.
“Have you read about the Yamuna Angulimal in the papers?” I asked him.
His eyes narrowed. “You think it is me?” He smiled viciously.
“No.” I kept my cold calm look. “It is me. I have killed sixteen, and have made a specimen of the fingers of my kill. How many have you killed?”
Andy’s look was worth seeing. It was a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

"Show me the proof," he said.

I calmly opened my bag, and threw out the bag within containing the chopped preserved fingers.

"See, it for yourself!"

And that got Andy, talking. He was a psycho like me. The odds of two psychos meeting under one roof are astronomically high. But it did take place.
 He had watched his wife having an illicit affair with his own nephew. And he was angry but helpless. They were making love on the terrace, and he watched them behind the water tank. He had been impotent, and his wife had cheated him. In a frenzied state, he had murdered her. And then made a specimen of her and her lover. He had cut the genitals. And after he had come to himself, he realised his mistake. But deep within, the monster in him had awoken. He had chopped off her breasts and the genitals along with his nephew’s and roasted them. Then he had eaten them.
Andy would then talk to random strangers on Facebook with allied names. He would tell them the story how his wife cheated him. Then he would ask the strangers to abuse his wife. When they were comfortable, he would ask them to abuse him. He found solace in such abuses over the call, which relieved him of his guilt.
And those who wanted to make physical relationship his wife; it angered him. He would welcome them to his home, and then skin them alive. Then he would cut their genitals. Andy had murdered around ten young men, and dumped their bodies in the basement.
He would make his victims realise that they had committed the deadliest sin by thinking of committing adultery with someone’s wife. And the regret on the victim’s face was his passion to watch. The killing was gradual. He loved playing with the genitals of the victim after they were tied. When, it was in full erection he would chop it off. And as the howls of the victim would get louder, he would all the more be more ruthless. He liked gouging out the eyes, and then impaling his victims. He would sprinkle salt on the wounds to make them scream louder.
“I have given a fair chance to everybody. You see, I kill people who don’t make the right choice. But, in that case, I have a chance to die also. I treat people fairly. It is the society that has wronged me. I offer these two pills, and one of which is poisoned to say. But it has a strong drug which paralyses the muscles. After that I tie my guest, and play with them.
“They have done this to me. It is loneliness that has been killing me all along. I am sure the people out there don’t deserve, what they get. It has been wicked for everything going around. I have stayed alone, and my world is quite different, the way I perceive it, is different. I am who I am. Living alone in seclusion has made me see things that others don’t see. Ha! You enjoy parties, and feel this youth will stay with you always. But, it is me who sees through everything. I will prevent you from being a greater sinner. Yes, I will give you an early death. Damn this world. And damn the people around here. The easiest way to lure people to my lair is through the internet and social media. And then make them pay for their sins.”
Now when two virtual psychos are face to face, it is a battle more of the strength of the mind. I could see through his game. And it required patience, when one of us would be dead…

But who?

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