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My Angel

Not in my mind
Not in my life
Did I think of committing adultery.
We are but one soul,
Even before we met.
And not in a while
Will I perchance not miss you.
O distant light, are you like the stars
That we can see and talk of
That preserves our fate 
That guides us in utter darkness, 
And yet we cannot possess,
Only a hope to be
After the end of life!
Should I just think of you,
And weary myself with your thoughts,
But still restrict myself to talk to you?
I am but a human, weak in the flesh
Can I not deviate, like everyone
To be at peace with the Devil?
Do I torment myself,
Of the righteousness,
And make the gods jealous
To test me till I fail?
Be my guiding light,
Be in every moment of my life,
That even if I fail,
I will trust you,
As you would trust me!

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