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Where are We Heading to?

The Fall of the Civilization of the Jackals

(Figure, for representational purpose only)
Long long ago, much before the Mahabharata war, the city of Indraprasth was covered with dense forest. There lived an advanced Jackal community in the forest of Indraprasth. The period was around, say some twentieth century B.C. There were jackals all over the planet and the female Jackals then, were known as Vixen. The jackals of Indraprasth were the cleverest and had the best tradition and culture among all the jackals in the world. And what made them clever, was that they had a written code of conduct which no one could change, unless a vast majority voted for a change. There were a set of 100 strict rules which were laws of the land. And those breaking the laws would be severely penalised. It turned out that the kingdom of Indraprasth was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom.
The Chief Jackal of Indraprasth (CJI) ruled the jackal community. The CJI in turn was elected by the elite group of Chief Jackal Committee (CJC). The elite group of jackals were fair in colour. While there was the lower class of jackals who were dark or red in colour. The fair jackals usually took defence and intelligentsia as their profession while the dark jackals took to gathering food as their main profession. The Jackals of Indraprasth were a flourishing tribe, and all the neighbouring tribes (jackals and non-jackals) would pay taxes to them, and the CJI would give his important decisions to maintain the peace of the land. Other kingdom folks would request them to solve their dispute. The nearby kingdoms feared the jackals’ might, as they had a huge standing army. And the CJI was a strict and powerful jackal. His words were like marks engraved on a stone.
 I won’t go into all the details of the rules, but rule 77 was that no jackal could have sex against the course of nature. It was to make sure, every jackal would therefore take part in the reproductive function and thereby increase the population, and hence the strength of the pack. It was meant to be protective to the species and the power of the jackals. Those jackals who didn’t want to participate in the reproductive function, were made to keep a vow of celibacy. And these celibate jackals got extreme strength from the fact, they kept their testosterone enhanced mind under their control. They turned to be mentally and physically superior to the remaining jackals. Jackals defying article 77 were severely prosecuted, both by law and socially. They were given hormonal treatment to get well and be what was considered the norm. And if they failed to do so, it was better to have them killed.
Article 97 was for being honest to one’s spouse in a relationship. No jackal who entered a relationship of a jackal and vixen would be allowed to have relationship with another. It was to make the union sacred and the future generation would feel secure and grow in a happy home. The jackals were well known for their marriage traditions all over the animal kingdom. They would get married only when the rain and sun were there at the same time. That is, when a rainbow was seen, everyone knew that jackals were getting married. It seemed to be a sign from heaven, that jackals guarded their chastity so well.
There were minor cases of domestic abuse, but the majority of the jackals lived in peace and harmony and it made the pack safe, the family stable and the pups socially aware, accepting the tradition and the rules of the community. To say in a short sentence, the jackals lived and thrived. The Jackal community were monogamous or sometimes polygamous (the males could take one or two vixens as wives in some extraordinary cases) but infidelity was unheard of. To increase the tribe population, all the jackals were married off as soon as they came to puberty. And so they beget little pups that were very cute.
Then, it turned out the jackals made great advancement in technology and science. They learned the truth of nature and natural laws. So they started getting hold more of nature, and believing more in themselves. With advanced technology, the jackal community could afford all the luxuries of life. The jackals bred a lot, and strictly followed the laws of the land upheld by the CJI. Mortality was considerably reduced due to advanced Medical Science, and so the population of the jackals increased tremendously.
And they learned to discern the old rules. As the jackal’s population grew, the absolute number of

“happy jackals”

 did increase, though as a percentage they remained the same. These happy jackals were the ones who defied social norms and performed sexual acts against nature. Whenever there is a gathering, everyone sees the absolute number rather than the percentage. And these happy jackals were quick to form a throng, demanding their rights.
The CJI was also strict in crushing these weirdos with an iron hand. But, for how long? Once the older CJI was dead, and replaced by the CJI of the newer generation, he had different ideas. He wanted to give individual rights of freedom to each jackal to do as they pleased, so long they were not harming the general public. He considered the age old traditions obsolete. The CJI decided to scrape off article 77, so that individual weirdo jackals would have their freedom to do as they pleased with their individual self. The move was welcomed by a large section of the society. Every tribe considered the CJI was very progressive. And they commended the action of the CJI. The Jackals Right Society appreciated the change, and so did Vixen Rights Society. Those who were displeased were considered to have obnoxious outdated 20th century views.
It was good for the happy jackals (happy jackals loved jackals of the same sex). And to mock their creator, two happy jackals would get married. And some of the happy jackals would try to include new members into their circle. It was easy, because curiosity would get better of many jackals. And once they tried the forbidden pleasure, they would try it again. Many of the straight jackals thus turned bisexual. Eventually bisexuality became the norm. Some of the jackals disapproved of the CJI’s judgement. They tried making a group and writing something that would help unite the straight jackals and save their old tradition and culture from extinction.
A straight jackal once wrote on a social media, 

For goodness sake, you are doing everything only for sex, because you won’t breed and religion doesn’t allow same sex marriage. What mockery do you make of marriage and religion? You want to have sex, go and have! What drama are you doing of showing yourself getting married and corrupting all the minds who were ignorant about it? If you believed in God and religion, you wouldn’t do what you are doing. Then why do you need the marriage ceremony to have sex? You already had sex without marriage. So why are you dirtying this institution of marriage?”

He was severely reprimanded by the law-keepers, and heavily trolled.
The population of the Jackals had increased and were proving to be nuisance to themselves. Though everything was in plenty, over-population was hampering their luxury. And the best way to curb the growing population was through the unnatural sexual acts. The female jackals wouldn’t get pregnant, and if the relationship was of same sex, then all the more they didn’t have to worry. It turned out that the jackals of Indraprasth had every luxury they wanted. With less work and plenty of time, they started seeking more worldly pleasures. And to while away the time, it was the devil at work; they felt everything was right that could be obtained with consent. And so the jackals indulged in revelry. The CJI was also allured to see the all the merrymaking under his nose. And he too longed to join them. So he felt it was better to do away with the laws.

In another landmark judgement the CJI decided to scrape off article 97.

The scraping of the articles were not the effort of a single day. Luxury and overpopulation of the jackals made them blind to the struggle of their forefathers. The elite community of the fair jackals indulged in debauchery. They had everything in life they wanted. And those things that were forbidden seemed to taste better. The jackals did get tired of tasting the same fruit each day. And with the invention of telepathy, where each jackal could communicate with another jackal after being given a special code of contact, it was easier to get involved in infidelity. Gradually the whole elite jackal community had an affair outside their marriage. It is a secret not to be told that the CJI was also involved in some of the activities. After all who would deny pleasure when they lived in a society that could afford everything?
After scraping section 97, the married female jackals didn’t hesitate to have a lover when their husband went on a tour to some neighbouring kingdom. The husband in turn would find some vixen for his own company. Swapping and orgies became very common, that it was accepted widely. The concept of marriage and family went down the drain. With that began the increased love making among jackals and vixen acquaintances. Nobody complained or very few complained, because, in the end they got the wonderful taste of adultery. Filing for a divorce on grounds of adultery didn’t increase. But everyone knew within their heart, they were not faithful to their spouse. But who cared? The Jackals wanted to be happy, and in seeking happiness they did everything that made them unhappy leading to a vicious cycle.
A wise old jackal wrote a letter to his friend in the neighbouring kingdom –

Good the kingdom and the jackals are going where they should go! There will come a time, when adultery and unnatural sexual behaviour will be very common, that jackal will do away with the laws as unnecessary hampering in the personal life of people. For so many years, article 14 and 21 (which the stupid jackal judges gave to justify their rulings) weren’t taking people personal life and freedom. Now all of a sudden these honourable fellas realized that article 77 and 97 were curtailing the freedom of individual choices. Good. Very good. What they need to learn is more of history. We have had jackal judges who said, that a peahen breeds from peacock’s tears. We have jackals, who gave a ruling that a 15 year old young vixen had habitual sex, and when she spent the night in a police custody, she gave consent to the burly old constables to have sex with her. Yes, because she was from the lower class of red jackals, and the constables belonged to the elite class. And then we have a case, where the court dismissed an elite class jackal from having raped a lower class dark vixen, because he was fair, and so he couldn’t lie and touch a lower class vixen.
I can just say one thing. Fuck these justice jackals! And why shouldn’t I say this? Actually, we make up the society. And the laws are made by us. And these justice jackals are supposed to be wise jackals amongst us. In a jungle city like Indraprasth, it is one of the toughest thing to remain celibate, loyal and faithful. And especially among the high class society, it is all the more difficult. So, do you think the honourable judges can be exempted from being social jackals? They will break the laws they have to remember by heart, and they feel guilty about it. So what can they do? Change the laws. The laws have always made to benefit the powerful, the rich and the corrupt. Loopholes have been created everywhere, to bypass the laws for one own benefit. And as gradually, everything materialistic to jackals’ behaviour trickles down from the rich and powerful to the poor and helpless, we are going to have a society which is fully infidel. We have consensual partner swaps, which has become quite common these days. And then there are secret orgies. Well, these will also be quite common. Nobody in these groups would be filing for divorce. Rather we are heading towards what jackals of West and their family has become. Have multiple sexual partners, marry, then divorce and play this game as long as you are alive!

It happened that any jackal could have sexual relationship with anyone, be it male or female. The family order was completely destroyed. No female jackal would want to get pregnant easily and bear pups and waste their precious youth. Those pups who were born, were usually out of wedlock or if in wedlock, it was difficult to say who the father was. The government had to build large dormitories to look after these pups. It was the government who would take care of the future generation. The government would request the jackal couples to have pups, as gradually the population of the jackals started declining. There were special rewards for those female jackals who would bear more pups.
When God was finally tired of all these jackal’s nonsense, He shifted the marriage rainbow to foxes, and gave the human species a better brain to understand what the jackals had done and how they had reached their zenith and how they were spiraling towards their downfall.
When a civilization is struggling to reach its zenith, it has to sacrifice the minority so that the majority can live and thrive. And when a civilization has reached its zenith, and the time has come for it to spiral downwards, it starts looking after the interest of the minorities. Those minorities that will break the social order that had required huge amount of sacrifice!
It soon turned out, the pups abused their elders. And nobody cared. In turn the pups were abused. The concept of family was gradually disappearing. But the jackals were too lost in their well found luxury to care.
They didn’t see a new threat that was coming to devastate them. There was the human species that had carefully observed the growth and zenith of the jackals. And they decided to inculcate those idealistic values in them. Slowly, the humans grew powerful, and they learnt the usage of their minds. They stole the technology from the jackals, who were busy in revelry.
The humans gradually captured the territory of the jackals. The jackals were too weak to retaliate. Soon the humans enslaved all the jackals and made them a new species called Canis lupus familiaris, what we commonly know as dogs, who would be their slaves and serve them. The female of these enslaved species were too promiscuous, so they named them as 


 Knowing the harm what the females could do, those who exhibited similar level of promiscuity were compared to these bitches.
Dogs are considered faithful, but to their masters and not to each other. Some of the jackals who were clever (like our wise old friend who wrote the letter) did escape the enslavement. And they are the free jackals as we know them today whose ancestors once ruled the planet. Rest have become various breeds of dogs according to the degree of enslavement.
Throughout the centuries, empires rise and fall; it is the society that builds the empire or brings its downfall! We as a civilization have reached our peak. What we can do, is see how the world has its fall. When people have no better work, they will indulge in immoral activities. Now who am I to say which activity is immoral? You can do as you please, so long as you are not harming anyone’s interest. If someone has a sexual relationship with someone else wife, what does it matter to me? It is their business, and none of mine.
It is just that there will be a gradual increase in infidelity, and then infidelity will be the norm. People who are emotional and faithful will be called fools, and segregated. Laws will be made against those who are faithful, so that you can’t remain faithful to one person.
 Do not try to tempt. Your ancestors couldn’t resist temptation. Learn from history or be prepared to meet the consequences of the past. The decline of a civilisation is certain when the society changes itself so much that the laws which once were thought to be rational and maintained a healthy family requires a change. Either the species has evolved in austerity so much that the law is not required and he is preparing to meet his Creator, or has gone to the devil that the law is not required anyway. I leave it up to you gentleman for you to decide, for you’re here reading this, and so wise enough to know 

where are we heading to!

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