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I will Still Love You

Love is beyond Imagination

No matter how much rude you were to me

No matter how much you denied my existence
No matter how much you abused me
I will still love you.
We are like the two banks of a river,
We are like two parallel lines,
If we can’t meet,
Then we can’t also drift apart.
Forever will be together,
To feel each other’s joys and sorrows,
To feel each other existence,
But still be within our limits!
Strange is the love,
That sets a limit to the union
Of those who love!
I will still love you,
No matter if I never saw you,
No matter if I will never see you,
No matter if we never meet.
Love finds itself
In the streets that you walked,
In the dust that touched your feet,
In the air that you breathed.
Love will find itself,
No matter if you exist
No matter if you do not exist
No matter if I do not exist.
You are made for me,
If you do not realize,
You will never realize
Till you find your end!
I will still love you
No matter for all your faults
No matter for all your imperfections
No matter for your past.
It’s not that I am perfect
And ideal in all respect,
But in my imperfections
I will solely love you.
You are the life
That stays within me,
Yet you do not know,
That your life is my life!
I will still love you,
No matter you forget me
No matter you won’t meet me

No matter you never loved me!

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