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Those were the best of the times in the History of Mankind. Science had developed sufficiently to be a boon for mankind. The side effects of Science were minimal. Science curbed the deadly diseases that were prevalent in the world, like malaria, small pox, cholera, etc. There was green and white revolution which defeated famine and hunger. The world had plenty to spend on. The mortality rate drastically reduced. But the birth rate was not controlled. So it led to a disproportionate exponential rise in population.

And when the wise men saw that the world had not enough resources for the rapidly expanding population, they called out to control the breeding. And human as a species who had mastered nature had to master the population of their own species. For so long the competition of survival and existence was among different species, humans were the ruler of their fate. But when the competition became intra-species, it would poison humanity.
And the call of controlling the human population was widely circulated. Some countries had made strict legislation of the two child norm. In India, there was a guy who had notoriously implemented the policy strictly and vasectomy was carried out at mass level. It was a time of Emergency, and the decisions of the government led to its fall. There is a conspiracy theory that  the guy who had vehemently implemented the policy was deliberately killed in an air crash! But they are rumours, without any sound base. So we have to tell the readers.
People after that could have any number of children they wanted. And so, when Pinku became the third child of his parents, they thought that one more wouldn't be much. Three children were still less. What if one would die? That would mean only two. And two children were good as one. For the daughter would be married away, and would have a family to look after. And what would one son be able to do? One son was good as none! What if he would become a spoilt brat? Who would take care of them in their old age?
 This mentality led most of them to have a half a dozen children. And it was the time of revolution of medicine. Mortality was reducing, but people were still suspicious of disease and death. The elders had seen entire village being wiped out in some epidemic of cholera, or pox. And they would urge the youngsters to have as many children as possible.
When Pinku turned 6 years old he was sent to the school. He had an older brother and sister, and a younger brother. His older brother was a studious guy, and very active in science and politics. Pinku, poor fellow, would listen in awe to his brother's bullish speeches. His brother studied in a distant school where the teachers spoke only in English. Pinku didn't want to go there. But his father forced him to join his brother to acquire a good education.
Pinku learned new things at school. But one thing that caught his attention was the problems the country was facing due to over-population.
"See the crowd everywhere," said the teacher. "The bus are crowded, even though we have more number of buses. The trains are crowded. There is so much dirt and filth everywhere. There is poverty and hunger these days, only due to over-population. This over-population has caused increase in number of deadly diseases. And one day when the resources will finish, people will fight wars and kill each other."
The teacher had said, that the only way to curb this menace was to effectively enforce the two child norm. Pinku listened to the teacher intently. He had been thinking throughout the period.
When he was at home he asked his brother about over-population.
His brother replied to him almost what his teacher had said.
"There should be a two child norm," said his brother. "Or we will be in hell lot of trouble in future. Maybe we will not have enough jobs. And there will be stiff competition for everything!"
Pinku was worried. He had been thoughtful all day. He didn't speak much after that. He waited for his dad to come in the evening.
When his dad was home, Pinku talked about his school and what he had learnt.
"Dad, the teacher tells us that over-population is bad for the country."
"Yes, sonny," said his dad. "I think it has become a problem for the present generation."
"Dad, do you think the two child norm should be applied?"
"Yes. Sonny. I think, it is time that the government should consider something on this line!"
Pinku felt his last hope also to be destroyed.
 "Dad," said he almost in tears. "Will they kill me, after the government makes the two child norm?"

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