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I Will Always Love You

No matter what, I will always love you
In the sun and the shade!
I have loved you more than anyone knew
Of love, in the hill and the glade!

I feel you when I am alone and lonely,
I feel you when I am in company!
I feel you when I message you,
And I feel you when love in me grew!

You are the peace of my mind,
You are my heart and soul.
To you do I wholly myself- bind
To complete me, make me whole!

I will always love you forever,
Whether I am nigh or far, or a fool or clever!
You will be my first and only choice in all,
You will be in my breath whether I rise or fall!

Dear do I hold you, in my heart and memory;
To think of you all the moments of my life!
You are what a perfect soulmate should be,
And I feel, never a man would have a better wife!

I feel you when I lie on my bed,
I feel you when the soft pillow strikes my head!
Your bosom is my repose on all days.
You are mine, as I am yours in all ways!

I Will Always Love You Reviewed by Polymath on 12:11 am Rating: 5


  1. So Emotional! So sensual! So lovely! So beautifully written! Alas!! Someone can love me like this.

  2. Hi Polymath, this is Polymath at Large. Interesting idea, a society of polymaths. We are sort of classic loners, no? Comment again with email address (I moderate comments so it won't be published), if you want to follow up.

  3. Wow! I am in love ��


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