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High Excitement during Asia Cup Cricket Final between India and Bangladesh

Why was the final match of Asia Cricket Cup exciting?

The final match of Asia Cup played between India and Bangladesh turned to be very exciting. Bangladesh was supposed to be a weak team. While India was supposed to be a strong team. Nobody expected Bangladesh in the finals. Everyone (or rather most of them) had presumed India and Pakistan to play the final match. But Bangladesh showed to the world that it was not a weak team they thought it to be. After defeating Pakistan, they somewhat had a knack of winning.
The match started with India winning the toss and choosing to field. Bangladesh started well, and gave a tough fight. Liton Das smashed a century, which helped his team make a decent score. It was all well for Bangladesh, until wickets started falling off quickly. With a total score of 222, (one-third of the Devil's number), Bangladesh had to fight with all their strength.
India batted in the second inning. Rohit Sharma played well, but was out early in the innings. After that, the batsman played really slow. And it the ball run difference decreased considerably. With scores and loss of loss of wickets similar to Bangladesh team, it was difficult to predict who would win the match.
The Excitement during the match was very high. The excitement increased further in the last two overs when the number of runs required for India to win was equal to the number of balls. And for the first time in the tournament, the required run rate was more than 6. 
The last over was breathtaking. For each ball, India needed a run. And the climax of the match was reached in the last ball. India won the match, after the last ball was delivered.

(The climax of a match is that point of time in the match where we can reliably predict which team will win the match). 

Till the last ball, till the end of the match, nobody could reliably predict who would win the match. So the match was exciting. Or, in other words

Excitement during the match was very high.

Predictions about high excitement during the match among the spectators

The high Excitement during the match must be more painful for the Bangladeshis because their team lost. It will be no wonder that many ardent cricket lovers of Bangladesh who have a risk of cardio-vascular events might suffer from them. There will certainly be a rise in the number of cardio-vascular events among spectators supporting the Bangladesh team. And risk of self-harming will also be increased in them.
While the spectators supporting the Indian team are also prone to suffer from cardio-vascular events. But, as there was a general mental evaluation of Bangladesh being a weak team, and Bangladesh having eventually lost; the cardio-vascular events though will be higher than normal, but not to a significant level to make a difference. And the risk of self-harming tendency will be nil.

Measures to be taken during Exciting Matches

Matches are usually exciting when a strong team plays against a strong team. It also becomes exciting when a weak team defeats a strong team. In such cases, there is a possibility of spectators getting harmed, either due to cardio-vascular event or due to shock/self imposed harm. Measures can be taken to place cardio-resuscitation equipment in stadium, and be alert when matches become exciting.

To end it, the match was well played by both the teams. And it was just bad luck for Bangladesh.

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