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A Short Tragic Love Story

Love happens! Does it? We have read great stories. Tragic stories. And all of them ended with loss of life and a hope of future union. Love, and hope goes side by side. Death can’t defeat love, rather it unites the lovers in one eternal sleep. Religion which promises afterlife, knows the power of love and evokes this emotion to give the followers a sense of peace and happiness.
Love affects all, but the young who are inexperienced feels the power of the unknown feeling strongly, that sweeps them of their sense. Love is a wonderful feeling. Let it sway you into a world full of promises, red roses, pleasant dreams and happiness. It is strange that love stands on promises. The girl promises, the boy promises. And fidelity is something that becomes an exchange currency in love. Faith and faithfulness are the tenets of trust. And love begins with trust and ends with trust. And all these wonderful emotions make a man, a woman and love whole.
If a boy loves a girl and gives his whole self to her. Does it matter?
“I can’t live a day without you,” said the boy. “I would rather die!”
The girl was happy to find love in the truest form. She knew the boy was faithful to her. Life had given her everything. They talked of future, and plans about marriage and children.
One day, the girl while meeting the boy asked, “How much do you love me?”
The boy said, “My life is yours. I love you more than my life!”
The girl sadly smiled. “Prove it. Live a day, without seeing or talking to me.”
The boy looked glum. “What do I get for that?”
“We marry the next day,” she smiled the sweetest smile.
The boy agreed. The next twenty four hours were going to be the longest in his life. She had been like a drug in his life. He was addicted to her. And without her, his world seemed to be hollow. The 24 hours of patience, without a message, a phone call, or seeing her, would make him a mad man. It looked like he was suffering from withdrawal symptoms of a drug. But the prospect of marriage made him keep his promise. He counted the minutes, the seconds. He dreamed of her. Her smile was so fresh, like the blossoming rose. Her voice was so soft and sweet. That was what life had been with her. Fresh and sweet!
It was evening, when the 24 hour period was about to end. A young kid came to deliver a letter to the boy. The boy quickly read the content of the letter. Without even dressing properly, he ran to meet his girl. As he ran frantically on the road, a car crashed into him ending his life.
The girl was a cancer patient. She knew her end was near. She had asked the boy to live a day without her, so that he could learn to live without her. That is what she had written in her letter.
Dear love,

Congrats. You have won. My soul is yours, and I give that to you in this life and after life. You know I have cancer and you have always wished to be near me; but today I felt my end was near. You wanted to marry me, so that you would be with me in all moments of my life. But I didn’t want you to bear the pain of my separation. As you have won and have learnt to live a day without me, I believe that you can live each day just as the same, without me. I promised to marry you, and I will keep my promise in Heaven. God is kind and merciful. He has given us life and made us meet in this beautiful time and space, He will show His Grace again. I have faith in him.

That day, there were two funeral processions. It looked like nature had made a plan to unite the spirits of the two lovers. The boy had kept his promise. He couldn’t live a day without his love. And the girl died loving him. They were buried side by side. There was a soft breeze, and flowers blew on the graves. It looked that there was a union of the spirits of the lovers. They were getting married, and nature was celebrating in its own way…

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