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The Bro Code

Mason and Samuel were two friends who loved each other dearly. They were in the same college. Mason was naturally gifted with huge strength whilst Samuel would go to the gym to improve his physique. Samuel developed huge muscles, and a perfect chiseled body. But still he knew when it came to strength, Mason was stronger than him in his natural form. It was so, that Mason used to work after his college hours to keep his finances going.
Samuel would often help Mason, and the latter would ask him not to overburden him with friendship ethos. It was a quiet friendship that lingered in their lives.
It happened that a new girl, Lina joined the college. She was beautiful as she was interesting. And Samuel fawned upon her. She didn't show much interest in the two boys at first. Mason was also interested in her, but he never told his friend.
And it could only be one or neither of them who would get the girl!
There chanced to be an arm wrestling contest in the college. It was a wonder to watch who would be the champion. Mason had the inner strength in him. And he knew he could easily win with anyone. It was a day, that each one would show their muscle power. And girls would flock around watching, and applauding. What more would enhance the testosterone in the young lads! A word of praise, a seductive look at the biceps by a girl would warrant anyone to want to win the feat.
The arm wrestling event was something of a huge attraction among the young lads and lass. Everyone would crowd round a table where two valiant warriors would display their strength. And they would try to bend the arm as much as possible. The crowd would cheer and shout. Finally someone would yield, and the loser had to buy a bottle of beer to the winner.
In the wrestling show, it was Mason who was leading all the matches. He was simply invincible. All of them seemed like kids before his mammoth strength. Finally when Samuel came up to cheer Mason, while he was against a strong opponent, the crowd asked him to wrestle against his friend.
Now Samuel didn't want to get embarrassed. But Lina, urged him to take part in the wrestling. She said she would date him, if he won against Mason.
Samuel had no options. And he knew what would be the result. He held his friend's hand firmly, and said, "Let the game game begin".
They held each other hand for a long time. Their forearms swayed either way. Mason had been tired, but still he had enough strength. Samuel, though he had muscles, knew he was no match for Mason.
He however, tried his best for the girl.
Mason knew that if he lost, the girl would date his friend. So, he showed like his muscle power was fading. And lest the crowd be suspicious of foul play, he started gradually losing his ground. And he lost to Samuel! The crowd cheered. But Samuel knew the truth. He had lost all his strength, and it couldn't be that Mason could lose without intention.
Samuel won the war, but he was a defeated soldier. He didn't rejoice. It was he who offered Mason a bottle of beer afterwards. "Thank you, bro..." he said.

After a year, there was a war. Both Mason and Samuel were enlisted in the army and served in the infantry. The war was it fiercest at the front. Enemy bullets were whizzing by. They had to hold their grounds.
When all of a sudden, a bullet struck Mason. Samuel was grieved and furious at the same time. A mixed emotion rose within him, and he lost his mind. "Bro, I can't leave you alone," he said to the dying Mason.
Mason, looked at him with pain. "You know, I loved her! Live for her sake. Leave me alone!"
"My dear bro, I knew your heart. I know you more than you know yourself. Maybe, I was selfish then. But, not now... I am not leaving you. She will survive without me, but I can't survive without you. You are a better soldier. It should be me who should be dead. I won't spare the enemies."
Samuel charged at the enemies. He fought ferociously. And then like Mason, he was struck by a bullet. He felt the pain, and saw the face of death nearing him. He pulled himself, towards where Mason lay.
He held Mason's hands. "Bro,..."he managed to whisper, "We are going together... to dine with whatever the angels or devil."
That was the bro code. They had lived together, loved the same girl together, and died hand in hand on a lonely frozen ground, together...
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