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(Note: Don't chase sleep)

"Doctor," said the boy almost in tears, "I can't sleep. I have tried all my best. But the more I try hard to sleep, the more distant sleep flies away from me!"
"Don't worry, my boy" said the doctor. "You will be fine, after taking these medicines."
The boy had anxiety disorder and depression, and he found it hard to sleep. He had tried all the possible home made remedies, but he couldn't sleep. Ah!...Blessed are those who have a sound sleep!

Oh! Sleep, thou art divine blessing
Gifted to the fortunate kind
Who can be happy, cheerfully sing
And be at peace of mind!
Sleep, you are the greatest gift
To mankind, that God bestowed:
For it is thou that can lift
Man to salvation, that the wise showed!
Sleep, should thou ever come
On a man willing to be awake.
Wouldn't it be treacherous to succumb
To thy music, for thy sake?
Sleep, sleep where art thou gone?
Why dost thou play hide and seek with me?
Why mercy to man that shone
On all, would a deserter be?
Come to me, like you visit an innocent child.
Play with me, embrace me in your arms!
Make me yours, drive me wild:
Let me surrender to thy charms!

"I can't sleep", said the boy to his mother. "I don't know what will happen to me!" Night, grew and so did his anxiety. He knew it would be difficult for him to sleep. The more he thought about it. the more restless he grew. Night was frightening. And if the fear continued in him, he would go mad. Intelligence given to mankind had the side effects. Wonder how God managed to survive all the knowledge! The one who knows of his existence when begins wondering of his existence, feels the hollowness of his existence! And the boy had overused his brain to know about himself. And that's how he had to face the essence of insomnia. Knowledge had cursed him by taking away his peace, his beautiful sleep.
When you delve deep into your mind, you have to be careful of the dreadful consequences. And the boy didn't know the consequences would be so horrible. If he had known, he wouldn't ever trade his sleep, his peace for all the wisdom in the Universe!
The boy's mother took him to all the sages she knew.
"O holy sage!" said she. "Please, bless him with your benevolence. Give him peace!" And the sages did all the charms, tokens, talismans. They chanted sacred verses to drive away the devil, the evil spirits or whatever had taken possession of the boy. They gave him sacred oil, perfume and some herbs. The boy tried tried all the recommended prescriptions of all the holy men. But it was of no use.
Sleep avoided him, and soon he realized he would go mad. The herbal treatment wouldn't cure him.
His body started shivering, and he was crying.
He was taken to the hospital. The doctor gave him an injection of Haloperidol which put him off to sleep. He slept for the night, but next day when he woke up, fear and anxiety returned to him. He was shivering again, and he felt restless. His pulse rate was increased.
He consulted a psychiatrist.

And the psychiatrist gave him anti-anxiety (clonazepam, a benzodiazepine)and anti- depressants (lamotrigine), with some behavioural counselling. 

The boy responded positively, but still the fear of sleep deserting him lingered in his mind. It was quite difficult to soothe his annoying mind. It had revolted against him.
 It was a chance event, that one of his friend asked him to go to the library. He said that there were some beautiful girls, that he could feast his eyes on. And that could calm his brain.
So the boy went to the library. The familiar place, where he had spent most of his hours, soothed his mind. He went round a corner, and took a seat. There was the old

 "Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine".

 Someone had read some chapters and marked with glistening colours. He began reading those. Gradually, he grew peaceful. His mind relaxed. His weary eyes grew weary and heavy. He started dozing. And finally, when he could no longer contain himself, he crossed his arms on the table, put his head on it and slept.

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  1. Good post. The massage therapy is good. It helps to feel relax or you can take herbal capsules for insomnia. This is the most easy remedy.


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