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The Suicide Song

The first time I read about the suicide song was when I was a little kid. It was about a song that people heard and killed themselves. I felt it strange that people would kill themselves after listening to music and song that usually brought peace. Songs and music link us emotionally to this world, to our own actions. And it creates an everlasting memory. The music in our species is meant lot more than just for recreation. It helps us to bond with unfamiliar people, build a long lasting relationship and create emotions.
The song that I talked about was The Gloomy Sunday. There were some people who did commit suicide after listening the song, but per se the Song being a Devil’s weapon for death is controversial. It may be more than several factors that summated to give the end result of Death. The composer of the song however did commit suicide, but it was much later in his life. And the reason may be something else.
Then can music cause people to die? A beautiful thing alone as music wouldn’t kill. But when the music is sad, and the person has acquired a heart-break, then he/she is surely to be affected.
My girl is away from me. I am in a long distance relationship. She promised me she wouldn’t talk to me for about 8 months until her exams were over. And I feel the loss of her. I feel the non-existence of her. My weekly letters are unanswered. I don’t know, but a fear grips me. Maybe it is my insecurities as a human being against the human race. I truly do not know. But it haunts me.
Do I love her? Even after a month after all communications have stopped, I haven’t stopped thinking of her. I have been faithful to her when I can cheat easily; and with guilt free conscience. But I have stuck to her. I still remember sitting behind her on her scooty. I so badly wanted to touch her. I wanted to hold her and embrace her. But I didn’t. The meeting ended with just a slight brush of hands. And that touch of her I have held in my heart. It is something I could live forever, if she were faithful to me.
While listening to the song Broken Angel, I felt loneliness creep in me. I was alone and lost without her. The music did arouse sadness and depression in me. I so badly wanted to end my life and all suffering. And the video that they played in the background was the rejection which Tom got, and it was followed by rejection of Jerry. I had supported Jerry when I was a kid but switched to Tom’s side when I grew up. And I saw the pain in my favourite character’s life, and it was the last episode. Yes,

the end of Tom and Jerry!

The sad song, the tragic video and my own lonely state created a deep stir in me. Love, loneliness and music go hand in hand. And we all believe in the wonderful truth of after-life. The life of peace and union- the never-ending life. Death can only be defeated by death. And when that feeling lingers in the human mind, what philosophers wonder about altruism comes into action… the end of self…
I am so lonely, my dear
Like Tom after his heartbreak
I am so lonely, my dear
Like the Broken Angel.
Should I stop to drown myself?
Or rip my heart apart?
I feel the hollowness
And the emptiness surround me,
Without your presence
Life is an ugly lie.
Death is the beautiful truth,
That will unite us forever
And never let us apart.

Do come and save me,

Before I die!

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  1. agyaat polymath27 July 2018 at 21:05

    you ve good writing skills man!

  2. When words flows deep from the heart, the writing becomes good. But who are you, agyaat polymath?


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