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Low Cardiovascular Events (Heart Attacks) in Spectators during FIFA World Cup 2018 Final between France and Croatia

Heart Attack in Spectators watching Football Match

The Final FIFA World Cup Match that has been held on 15th of July 2018, between France and Croatia at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow

will have relatively less number of spectators who suffer from 

acute cardiovascular events (CVE).  

It has been reported that exciting Football matches increases the Cardiovascular Events (like heart attacks) in spectators. And this dramatically increases when the spectators are in the stadium. 
However, this World Cup Final Match will relatively have lower count of Spectators having CVE because the climax of the game was achieved much earlier in the game (in the first half itself). The climax of a game is that moment in the game after which the audience can predict with almost certainty the outcome of the game. 
So, as France had a lead with 2-1 in the first half, and thereafter, more two goals came quickly, it was pretty sure that France would win the match and the World Cup. 
Therefore the excitement during the match turned out to be low. 

The CVE is directly proportional to the Excitement during the Match.

The French played better and were in favourable position throughout the game.

The Excitement in the Match was very high, because two strong nations were playing. After eliminating the weaker teams, each team had a fair chance of winning. So due to high Excitement in the Match, number of spectators watching the game increased tremendously. (Excitement in the World Cup Final Match is maximum).
It is presumed that the French team had a higher probability of winning. If Croatia would have won, the news would have made a greater impact on the world. But since France was a stronger team compared to Croatia, and they won, so the impact of the news on the audience will be relatively low. 

France won the World Cup with scores 4 - 2. And the audience watched a safe match that had low risk of causing cardiovascular events. 
Watch cool, stay safe!


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