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To My Dear Friend

Dear friend, it your day today
The day where nine and twenty years ago you breathed first.
I remember each and everyday of you,
And today will speak what my heart doth say!

Dear friend, you know not how much I loved you,
I was happy with you,
And I would have continued being in your company,
But only fate knows best to let relations strew!

How much I crave to hear your voice, 
And see you once again!
But it is my stupid work and ego that holds me,
To triumph over myself to let our friendship rejoice!

There is not a day that I don't regret 
Your absence, and wish that we could be forever together!
But that is what is life's mystery that sets us apart,
For our own desires do we get!

In every moment of trouble, I was reminded of you
And wished your company, 
And when you weren't there, I asked God,
If there was anything He could do!

Dear friend, I was blessed with you,
A relationship that would last forever.
I never wanted to reveal my inner thoughts,

But here, I do, I do!

To My Dear Friend Reviewed by Polymath on 11:49 pm Rating: 5


  1. Written with heart. Keep it up

    1. Friend, the situation was mine, years ago..
      The difference being, sight of friend you are deprived wherein I got to see every day.
      It took a continuous stare and a unavoidable smile to end months of mute words :)



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