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The Tragic Surprise

It was after many days that the boy was free. Free meant freedom from emotional attachment. In reality nobody can really be free.
The boy loved the girl without doubt. But he didn’t want to express. Friendship was better. Or a causal relationship even better. They had talked for many days, and it was that he could see her, but was himself anonymous. So she hadn’t seen him, and the best reason he could give of concealing his identity was that he wanted to see her expression on their first meeting. She had accepted the deal, gave him her address and was waiting for the eventful day.
So, once she desired to see Avengers movie: Infinity war. The movie was released and she badly wanted to see it. He complied with her request.  He booked a movie ticket through Book My Show App, took a screenshot and sent her the ticket through the Messenger. So that is how it goes. She went to watch the movie. It was a wonderful, rather a tragic movie where the antagonist goes on to eliminate half of the Universe. She didn’t much care about the guy who was seating next to her. She was more engrossed in seeing the movie. The boy would sometimes stare at her, and she found him weird. She wished such nerds didn’t come to watch movies. But she was happy, she was watching her favourite movie. She felt that the boy was sometimes touching her had.
“Err..Mister, sit properly,” she said. “Or there will be a ruckus.”
“Sorry, sorry,” said the boy, as he shifted to the other side.
After the movie had ended, she left for her home. When she reached there, she received a message on her cell phone.
So, how did you like the movie?
She messaged back – It was good!
And who was seated next to you?
Some stupid guy. He was more engrossed in watching me, than the movie.
Was that guy, wearing specs, with a blue T shirt, sometimes coughing and trying to touch your hand?
Yes. How do you know?
Turn around Dumbo! That was me!
She shrieked in happiness and they hugged like lost lovers.
Their friendship started as usual from a Facebook group, and it held on! They were of the similar kind, and she loved his words and sarcasm! That’s where they had met; in a Sarcastic Page. The boy had used an anonymous profile whilst the girl hid everything, but her name! They had been friends for a long time, and it was usual for him to surprise her. It matters in these modern days, where friendship is based more on selfish gains. They had nothing to gain from each other. Rather, they built their faith and trust in each other.
She was caring, and so was he! And they loved the online company of each other. They had even exchanged their phone numbers, and so sometimes they did talk to each other! He would listen to her mesmerizing sweet voice. She sent him her pictures, and he knew she would be a good wife! A woman you could be secure of when you went to work! But he still remained an unknown identity in her life, promising that he would meet her, and reveal himself at the right moment!
They messaged and talked to each other, when time allowed. It was just a matter of time that things would take a different turn. When the boy was lonely, he would call the girl. The girl was always available for him. But she never called him knowing his busy and erratic schedule. It looked like their relationship (of friendship) was meant forever.
One day, the boy went to give exam, and he carved the name of the girl on a tree while waiting for the entry. He took a picture of it and messaged her. The girl was very happy. But she asked, he shouldn’t do it since he wouldn’t be her spouse. The boy said, it would be a good memory- that was all he meant!
After some days, the boy started ignoring the girl’s message on Messenger. She would wish him good morning, and good night. But he would not reply. And most of the time, even though he was online, he seemed to ignore her message. The girl was sad! She wished he would say something. She wondered what wrong she had done that he was ignoring her.
She thought it was better to stop thinking of him and move on. Life was filled with such temporary people. The internet was a wide world filled with amazing people. There were many others who would replace him.
One Sunday, she received a call from him. She was surprised that he had called! She wondered where the change had come from. She queried about the unusual remembrance. But he was his usual self like there hadn’t been any change in his behaviour. He talked his usual way, was witty and asked if she wanted to see a movie. She replied in negative! He pressed but she refused.
He pleaded, “Just watch this, for my sake…I won’t tell you to watch another movie again!”
She refused saying, “No. I have wasted lot of money, and I don’t want to waste any more money on futile movies. And if you book a ticket for me, I ain’t paying you, and neither am I going to watch it!”
She told that last time she had asked a guy on Facebook for some suggestions about the movie ticket he had sent - Avengers: Infinity War. The boy on Facebook was suspicious, and had told her to be cautious.
So when he heard that, he felt his world disappear!
“So,” he asked, “You talk about our personal matter to strangers? You told him about the movie ticket?”
“Yes,” She said.
“You shouldn’t have done that!”
He felt bitter. He wanted to say a lot, but he kept his anger to himself. He cut the call.
And his phone vibrated. There was a message.
…because I trust him. Tata.
Yes, a message of trust on some stranger, preceded by three dots.
The boy’s steps halted. He was just outside her home! He had come to give her a surprise, after having travelled a thousand kilometres. He had ignored her messages, just to see the look on her face of his sudden appearance. But all he could do was to take a selfie and some pictures of the surrounding, do some video recordings, pick his bag and leave without meeting her…
Not all boys and girls are friends…
Not all friendships turns into love…
Not all love are fairy tales…
And not all fairy tales have happy endings!!!

The Tragic Surprise Reviewed by Polymath on 4:58 am Rating: 5


  1. heart touching..and hertbreaking too... too emotional..yet felt too realistic reading it. It felt as if it happened to me .. great !!!

  2. Maybe it is true, so it seems so realistic. And that's why gives an emotional loneliness after reading it. Maybe there is a real girl who will read this, and realise it to be her own story !!!

  3. That means it's surely a true story


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