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When will the End Come? #Part1

(Part 1 – The Tale of a Sperm)
The first time I have memory of my individual existence, is as a sperm. My memory from the non-living existence and ether form had been deleted. I was a haploid cell, and my existence was only a hafling- rather insignificant! There were several of us, in millions and each of us wanted to exist and see what the world was like. We shared information among ourselves, that there was a process (called fertilization), that helped us meet our soulmate. Whoever would win (only one among all of us) would get to live. Only the luckiest would win. That moment, the only thought that came into my DNA, that once you met your soulmate (your other half), your life was set! There would be only enjoyment after that! What do you think? You had life… you could do as you pleased! You could move around at your will unlike the non-living beings. No particular order from a higher energy. And you would have your own identity. That was unique to living beings, you could carve out a separate identity for yourself even whilst being in the group.
And I knew if I wanted to win the race, I would have to prepare myself well and win by hook or crook, meet my soul-mate and start a new life; or my existence would go back to nothingness. I visualized my mate, and how wonderful our union would be! That kept me motivated to pursue my dream. But then we all (millions of us) had the same dream. For the time that I lived, I laboured to keep myself fit so that I did not get fat and sluggish by too much intake of the abundant sweet fructose. Many of my comrades would eat a lot and die. There I learnt the concept that we shouldn’t misuse anything that was freely available. Some of them became lazy, and it would require great force to move them even a little. I realized that for winning, we must labour hard and sacrifice a lot. To keep myself in good shape and healthy, I used to travel and exercise a lot. And in my workouts, I would often come across Miss X101011. She also was preparing well for this life game. Maybe, I was moody or she was moody, but we would often come across each other. We exchanged information about the possible day of the life event. I saw Miss X101011 was swifter and sturdier than me. She could easily evade obstacles. I felt my chances to be slim. There was lot in all of us. We all had qualities, those among the millions who survived and competed for the event; it was only extreme luck that would favour the winner. During our practice days, I grew fond of Miss X and we would do workout together. She kept a strict diet plan. We promised to help each other during the event against others, and if we survived in the end, then we would let the moment decide who the winner would be!  
And there was a fatso among us Mr. Y110011, who we knew would never win. But he was jovial, and cheered us. He didn’t care. He would share the information that only one would succeed, so what was the use of taking so much stress. Luckily he had survived even after feasting on so much fructose. We turned out to be great friends, as in the competitive environment no one had time for him but me. There was a Mr. Y110001 who didn’t like me. It seemed like I was a threat to his existence. Hadn’t it been for the guardian cells, that rescued me on time, he would have taken out my DNA, and left me worthless. What had I done to Mr. Y110001 that he hated me? It was that I stood to be a stiff competitor, and someone had bet in a party function (where we all had gathered hoping that the life event would start soon), that I would win the event in his presence. And he couldn’t bear to see a strong rival. Before the start of the event, the strong contenders are pushed forward, so that if anything new, they will have to face and overcome the harsh environment outside our home. It was in this party that messengers came and told us that we should get ready for the event was about to occur. There was lot of hustle and bustle and messengers came to direct us. The stampede that followed killed some millions, but after that we were told that the event had been postponed to a later date. We all returned to our compartments dropping our arms, and Mr.Y110001 took to be my sworn enemy. I wish, it had ended that day, then I wouldn’t have to face the sudden attacks of Mr. Y110001. I kept my guard in the hostile environment and Miss X101011 would at times come to my rescue. My fatso friend would be to guard me sometimes. Waiting, seemed to be a greater menace than asking the Creator of individual existence. In that moment of waiting, I just felt that once I would get complete life, and meet my soulmate, my problems would be solved and I could live happily forever in peace.
Finally the D – Day arrived. It was a race that I hadn’t expected would be so tough, so rigorous. Luck was a great factor. Maybe those who say fate is predetermined might be right. We were forced with great force into a different world. Some millions of us died instantly by the impact of the force. There was a viscous force that opposed our journey. The environment was very hostile. Most of the weak ones perished instantly. But there was also some Guardian help that would help us survive the harsh and hostile environment. The few of us who survived had to find our soulmate, so that we could save all our race from extinction. Our existence was a bloody one built on the sacrifices of many who died so that the one who could find the soulmate would keep their memories alive. And plead to the Creator on the Great Day about their existence as Life and be given the Independence and Freedom, the birth-right of living-beings.
We had traveled a long distance, when there came a bifurcation. Now it was 100 percent luck that the path we would choose would lead us to success or failure. That was what life was about! We had choice, unlike being a non-living. And there was uncertainty. It gave us a thrill. Miss X101011 and fatso Mr. Y110011 pondered for a while. Miss X101011 trusting her intuition asked us to follow her. We had pledged to live and die together. In that final stage only a few thousand survived. And in the distance far away we could see our soulmate coming. She was much, much larger than us. She moved slowly, oblivious of our pain and struggle. It was a strange sight to behold. She was what I later came to know as X010100. My fatso friend started panting. The destination was close, and all of a sudden Mr. Y110001 attacked me and destroyed my powerhouse and fled. My fatso friend, came close to me panting and gave me his powerhouse. “Bro…Remember me, and don’t let that cheat win. He will create havoc if he gets life. I know I can’t win, but you can. Here take my powerhouse, get a life and live it well.” The brief moment we exchanged, were like eternity, where we shared the closest of our friendship moment. Getting life is not easy, and I wonder how afterwards some of them can strew their precious life so easily. Come back to our level and you will realize how lucky you have been.
I will never forget my fatso friend and his great sacrifice. Mr. Y110001, had traveled and conquered a lot of the journey and there was a stiff competition between him and Miss X101011. He suddenly attacked, her like he had done to me. But Miss X101011 was swift, and dodged his attack, and in the process destroyed his powerhouse. The poor dude was helpless. I came swiftly behind. Now it was me and Miss X101011. Our soulmate was coming, and only one of us would get to embrace it and find life. It was me or her. All of a sudden she stopped. “You go.” I wondered why. “They want of your kind. Last time they killed one of my kind. So it is better you go, get life and petition my case on the Great Day.” That was the first time I felt the surge of emotion in my DNA. It was another great sacrifice. The existence was all but a probability. Maybe if she wanted, she was swifter, she could have won. She chose to sacrifice her life for my sake. And maybe that was a story she had made about the murder of her kind. I know I was selfish, but I wouldn’t forget my duty for the life and existence I got, which so many sacrificed for my sake.
I went out to meet my soulmate. She was unlike me, totally different. But then we both knew, that some miracle would occur when we touched each other. The whole universe had conspired to make our union, and bond us together in an unbreakable bond. We would be together for eternity. Not even the Creator would separate us. It was an irreversible process. So much struggle and energy from the entire universe was required to give a single unit of life. And that life was sacred, to be lived to the full.
On our union, we realized, that our appearance were just different but within we were similar. We almost matched in everything. An intense pleasure and change occurred in me. I was surrounded by a divine aura that blocked all external stimuli for that divine moment. I had my soulmate – my companion forever. I had become whole. I felt I had no more races to run – and finally could live in peace. From “I” to, it became “We”.  And gradually my memory got deleted…
(To be continued as – The Story of an Embryo)

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  1. Wow...
    This.. Is beyond my praising capacity..
    At some point in the past, while studying about these, I used to create some one moment stories.. But never had I thought..
    It really is amazing..

    ... Miss X101011, after wishing you luck, was about to loose life.. Then she saw, at a distance.. miss X101111 she appeared same as miss X010100.. And a new hope raised in her.. A way to be with you... To live with you..
    Remembering her every struggle, she rushed there.. Her speed was the real sight.
    Every moment she spent with you, gave her speed in integral power...
    There was the same struggle she faced a while back.. But with no villain, she went near her.. Who may be is her soul mate.. And at last, her fate was same as you :)

    1. Wow..That is a beautiful inclusion and addition to the story. Thanks..Life is really complex. And I will give it a thought what you have mentioned in my next story. And your senses extend beyond vision.

  2. Thanks..
    But your interpretation is really awesome..


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