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From a Grieving Heart

Love Hurt Poetry

O' heart, why my heart yearns for thee,
I know not!
Beautiful art thou, with perfect symmetry-
Elixir to be sought!

Ever since my glance fell on thee,
I couldn't repose in the peace of my mind.
Am I committing an adultery,
To love someone else find?

In a world of unmarried men with a lonesome heart,
It was destiny that brought us close.
Thy choice is to be respected, though I am torn apart
And myself, I set free for deathly repose.

Thou didst never see the inner me,
And thou wilt never see!
Nothing of myself indeed, I agree
To take my feelings to the grave with me!

I will tell the wind, sun and moon
That for my sake, they love thee!
When thou tread the earth on your shoon,
Flowers strewed on thy path will be!

Thou should be happy for thy sake
And for the sake of my friend.
Never wilt I awake
For selfishness, to become a fiend!

Thou will never know the true heart of me,
The one that loved thee without greed!
But then thou art not my trophy -
I destroy myself, and Love's seed!

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  1. One-sided love?

  2. Then, try Doing something to get over it.

  3. I wrote the poem for that. Anyway, thank you so much...


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