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Unborn Love – The Future of Humanity

Hello, my name is Chinti and I am a girl.  I was born a long a time ago, when I didn’t know much about myself. I am a little weird, people say. I suddenly came up in my dad’s arm. People wonder who my mother was, is. My father is a great guy, and I am his Princess. He hasn’t ever let me out of his sight, ever since I knew myself. My dad is everything I have. And he has never let me ever feel the lack of a mother. I saw everyone with mothers and wondered what mothers were meant for. I was fortunate I had my dad. And my dad never let me down. He would teach me to count the stars and name them, every night as we slept in the terrace in the warm summer months. My daddy was my hero. And he trained me in all the possible manner a man would do to his sole child, who has to dwell all alone and face this harsh world. I was born around the time Louise Braun was born. Yeah, that is a lot of time from now. Louise Braun was the first test tube baby, born in 1978, and a creation of Dr. Steptoe and Dr. Edwards.
I had a teddy bear that I hugged every night when my dad was away at work. I still hug my old Teddy, when I am lonely and alone. My dad was a great man. He was a scientist and did some great research works. I turned twelve and my dad taught me all the science is there that he knew. Believe me, my dad knows more science than any man on the planet. And my dad worked a lot. It is strange my dad just fed my mind, I didn’t have to learn much to acquire the knowledge he has acquired. I believe knowledge can be inherited. That is how our instincts have come in the first place.
My dad wanted me to become the greatest genius on this earth. But I knew my father had hidden something from me. When I was older I wanted to know about my mother. My father could only give vague description about her. I was angry at him. But he turned emotional, and I felt sorry for him.
My dad gave me the best education, and I have an excellent mind. I think I am too much grown up for my age. I have an I.Q of 210. People call that weird. But I think I have always known most of the things that children learn later, right from birth. No, it is not strange for me.  That is nothing unusual about me.
So I am called Chinti. I have disliked my name. I always asked my dad why he named me Chinti. It literally means an ant, translated from Hindi. How could my dad be so thoughtless? And my class mates have taken a time to tease me by the name. But I won’t say anything. I appear as deaf. They get tired after sometime.
My dad died one fine day, leaving me alone with all the trainings he could have given me. And he left a will. I have a large number of relatives living far away (that only I knew after reading the will), and my dad left a decent sum for many.  I had a University degree to get from one of the best Universities. I applied for the scholarships. But I also needed some funding for some of my own research projects. So I remembered my dad’s will.
I had to go to a certain lawyer. Yes, my dad had left something for me. There I found dad had been a millionaire. And he left me immense wealth. I saw that he was saving money for me even before the day I was born. And he had named me Chinti. He said I was like an unborn little ant, then and when I would be, how much he would love me, he himself didn’t know! And he also let me know the secret of my birth. I was his mirror image. God created a woman from a man, he wrote, and God was right! There’s a woman in all man, but not the other way round. I wondered what he meant.

They say that the chromosome Y is shrinking and very soon the males will disappear from the face of the earth. Though that is not the whole truth but maybe, that is what my dad thought when he made me! I may have had a lot of sisters, or brothers, I don’t know. But it seems only I survived and was dad’s last hope. Some scientists think that after some million years, the males will disappear from the face of earth, and those existing will reproduce by cloning. But the problem that arises is that after every cell division the telomeres shortens and after say, 50- 60 divisions disappears with loss of DNA content. So when people will clone themselves, an old cell will be taken. And the telomeres will get exhausted after some generations. To prevent it, there is a telomerase enzyme. But the problem that crops up is uncontrolled cell growth like in cancer. I don’t know how my dad created me, but it must be mystifying. I remember he used to call me Eve.  Cloning doesn’t make you genius. You have to learn to be genius. It is more of hard work and a bit of luck.
He made me out of his own cell. Rather I am him in the feminine for- just like Eve was for Adam! And God surely didn’t do wrong by creating Eve from Adam! There is a female (X) chromosome in every man. Most probably my dad replicated his X chromosome to make a woman out of him. My dad kept me a secret from the world. Yes, it would be a stigma to me and to him from the society and the world. My dad knew of the hate messages to Louise Brown.
I have learnt to be wary of people. And keep everything a secret from everyone. Yes! It is a reason not to trust anybody.
 My dad’s last letter reads- I wonder how some people can kill their own blood in the womb. The little life that exists is their own. The little heart that beats, is a part of themselves. How can anyone be so senseless that they can murder their own selves! Someone (who was a pro-abortionist) had asked if there was a thousand embryos in a glass jar weighing 3 kg, and a live human child also weighing 3 kg in a building, that was on fire. Who would you save, if you could save only one?
It is without doubt I would save the human child, not the embryos. But that doesn’t mean I support abortion. The human child is a form what the embryos will be after their development. And many of the embryos won’t live to that stage. The similitude is like that, let a thousand guilty go free, but a single innocent should not be convicted. And moreover they are in some artificial media that makes it less emotional to a human, were it in a mother’s womb. The child will however cry or move, and objects that are not static draws attention. And if it were in a mother’s womb, it is better to save the mother. We all usually as a doctor try to save the mother first. The child is a second priority, (by most of the woman’s relatives)! And in times of danger, it is usually the intuition and natural instincts that work, not reason – for there is no time to reason!
In my lifetime experience as a doctor, I saw the hypocrisy of this world. She was infertile and went on to have a test-tube baby with a surrogate mother. And after the baby was born, they made it a point to look like she had normally delivered the baby with doctors, nurses, friends and relatives coming to congratulate her as if she had delivered the baby by herself… Apart from the medical staffs none of the woman’s relative knew about the surrogacy. The surrogate mother was forgotten. She didn’t even get a chance to look at the child. There was no one to care for her after that. The biological parents didn’t bother what happened to her after they got their product.
Has some women, just become factories for bearing children? Is motherhood to be sold? Woe to such a species, if this is happening, (and indeed this is happening), the human species is bringing on itself its own downfall! I do not know which species will rule the planet, but I assure you, human having emerged from slavery to freedom will return back to the way it began. And the masters won’t be humans to show mercy or have the least feelings. Whatever they are, be it machines, aliens, some intelligent species, they will be ruthless!

 I feel the warnings of my dad. But what I fail to know, who was my surrogate mother? Or did dad make an artificial womb for me? Some questions are best left unanswered…
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