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Killer Love - The Blue Whale Game

(Adapted from a true story and dedicated to someone…)

It was just that the time we met wasn’t right. He was the kind of guy you would meet every day. Nothing amazing or unusual, until you delved deep. And the first time I had talked to him was on the internet, though it was also the every other time I spoke to him. I haven’t seen him, but I know him like he is an extended part of me. His words were short and exact and had a great impact on my mind. I never knew he would be so smart to rule my mind. The mind is subjective and so is the choice of our words. These word(s) then creates a sentence with some meaning which can be used as a tool to make people do their way- like brainwashing. I had no knowledge of this until I started talking to this guy.
The words creates an impression on the mind. Some are ever-lasting. There are things you should know about the reader and what they want. And once you get the better of their feelings, then they are yours. And what is most writers’ do, and that is what all good writers’ do. He hypnotizes not only the mind but also hypnotizes the soul.  And we are drawn to the writer like flies to honey. We love him and his characters; eventually his mind without knowing why, dwelling in his imaginations as our own imaginations, like we live the character he created. The writer not only creates a story but also creates a world of hope to play with the reader’s emotion. And that is how a fan is created!
I had never seen him, but the way he talked to me was like he was just close to me. I had shown him my pictures, but he never showed himself to me! He was an anonymous guy, a living phantom who refused to acknowledge his existence. I wondered how he looked. Whether he was tall or short, ugly or handsome, fair or dark, I hadn’t the least knowledge. I would day-dream of him, playing with him in my imagination. He was my Prince Charming and I dreamt about him to be exactly the man I wanted in my life.
His words captivated my mind. His lines were very different that I usually encountered in the internet, and it my brain and heart very hard. They played with my emotions, and every day I talked to him, I relived an entire life. His words caused in me both happiness and sorrow. In fact just like a true life, sometimes I was happy and sometimes I was sad. His words played the trick. And I don’t know< I had a feeling he would stay in my life forever. I was drawn to him, like I was the fly stuck in nectar- sucking the sweetness to bring its own death! But then the nectar was a mirage, but the fly existed. I wanted to talk to him, know him (including his likes and dislikes), feel him and ask him every questions about him that arose in my turbulent brain.
So once I played a word game with him while messaging him at night. We had to tell the first thought that came in our mind after we had been given a word (We were texting via messenger). And the words that I gave him, his thoughts revealed only me! It is however nothing strange for a guy to think of a girl he was playing with in midnight. Maybe men will indeed be men! My thoughts were however indifferent to him, I was curious to know him. And that night there were no words of Wisdom- but only Love! I was however bad in love expressing- nope nothing strange. It is as much natural for a girl whose instincts of modesty and chastity are still intact! He was still a stranger to me, and I couldn’t so easily give away myself to him.
But then he loved me and he loved and he loved me in the most unusual ways. A love that was blind. His words talked and made me see a picture so different and colorful that I melted in him like wax. I don’t know why I was stuck with this anonymous guy and neither did I know why he talked to me. But I found peace being in conversation with him. I asked him one day to show something he had written. I wanted to see his hand-writing; maybe I could get a glimpse of his character! He promised he would someday, by writing about us- and I took him for his words, and didn’t press the matter further.
He wanted us to get united, be it in the virtual world and make love! But virtual love making, I couldn’t understand and why he emphasized it. Virtual love making wasn’t natural and against the code of my moral ethics. His was a strange way of approach. People usually go from the virtual world to the real world, to find love! But he stuck to his resolution. And it was like he was going from the real world to the virtual world.
He wanted to make love to me which I refused. I wondered if love making was important, if his love for me was just another fleeting infatuation. I asked him why he wanted to make love to me. His reply left me mesmerized.
The pleasure is entirely yours, madam. I just want to bind my soul with your soul in the most natural way. I want to be a complete whole, a union with my soulmate- had there been another way, which you would have accepted, I would have certainly done that! But the things that are natural and favoured by nature are the usual best. I know we can never get united in the real world, so i sought for this ultimate solution. The mind is a curious thing. It will believe the lies you tell it in a convincing way, and seek to redeem them in reality. And if the sensation of love-making in a virtual world is impressed on the mind as if real, then an equivalent amount of neurotransmitter is released creating a beautiful memory and a strong bonding- maybe a bond that lasts forever.
He asked me if I loved him. I denied. It seemed he was heart-broken. Then he again emphasized on love making. I couldn’t understand his philosophical statements, and was irritated. So unfortunately I used the “F*** Off” word. And it offended him. He bid me good night and good-bye and disappeared. It seemed he wouldn’t ever come in my life again. As mysteriously he had appeared in my life, so mysteriously had he disappeared. I felt the pang of his absence. He was there right before me. He couldn’t simply vanish. No! He was my love. He was my everything! He couldn’t simply go without a trace. I hated him, and I hated myself.
I messaged him every day. First my messages were of anger, then it softened to remorse and desperation. I was sorry for what I had done. I cursed him and I cursed myself. If ever he would come to me, I wouldn’t let him go. I would tell him that he was my world. I had laughed with him, cried with him. I would live and die with him. I wanted to be forever with him.
We are in a world, where everything that exists is by luck of labour. And I wanted to win my man’s heart with this luck of labour. I messaged him every day. Someday he would see my messages and his heart would melt, even if it was stone made. Yes, I wouldn’t cease to send my messages to him, especially the good morning messages.
One fine day as I was brooding, searching the vast expanse of the internet, I saw him appear. My joys knew no bounds. It was after sometime I gathered courage to message him. And his response was good. Like he hadn’t ever been angry on me. I gradually began to unravel my feelings for him. But then, he wanted proof. I told I could do anything for him, if he asked.
He asked me to jump from the window of my building as a proof and show it live in the messenger video calling. I was taken aback at his words. But the damage had been done. I couldn’t take back my words. I pleaded him not to be harsh. But his words were strong and adamant. I was hypnotized like a player of The Blue Whale Game (Challenge). I couldn’t refute the final task.
The Blue Whale Game was developed by some Russian psychologists to cleanse the world of immature unfit minds for survival, perhaps. It gets its name from the fact that some Blue Whales beach themselves purposefully, causing them to die (an act of suicide)! And in this game, the player has to perform a series of perilous acts, finally ending his life. It is a lose-lose game. If you win, you lose your life, and if you survive, you have lost the game.
I didn’t think twice, as his words hit me hard. I opened the window, and set my cell phone to witness my fall. And made a plunge from the fourth floor, only to land in someone’s extended arms.
He had found my address, and had come to seek me. And that is why he had disappeared from the virtual world!
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