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Full Circle

I wrote this poem a long time ago and published in friends family poetry forum. But I believe, it deserves some space here!

Spiritual poem about the different stages in a man's life

When I was a kid of five,
And happened to live
As every other growing plants;
Success for me,
Was not to pee
In my pants.

When I was little boy of ten,
And would run after the wren,
That hid itself in bushes and trees
Success then for me was defined,
And all thoughts confined
To memorize verses !

I grew up to be a lad of sixteen,
And loved both the flesh and skin.
Success yet had a different essence!
But then all thoughts were fixed,
That if my life I risked
I would get a driving license.

When I was a youth of twenty,
I lived merrily and was care-free,
Of the world, as any youth could be!
When I was the world, and the world me,
All that of success I could see,
Was to make a lass fall for me!

And at thirty, the prime of my life,
When I had children and a wife.
Success meant success underneath the sun;
Life would take so much a turn,
That within and without I would burn,
Just a to fulfill life's ambition!

At forty, I was a past of life's prime,
And work occupied my head all the time!
Success was acquiring status under the sun,
And I ran a race so blind
That peace and trust I couldn't find,
And worked to fulfill life's ambition!

At fifty, when I was tired of life,
I felt my self older as did my wife!
And in that moment to feel young again,
Success went quite different in my head,
And all done and all said,
Could a lass fall for me all again?

At sixty-five, I felt I still have some energy
That I could do something good probably.
Racing with a teen made some sense
That's when success, I felt meant
Was what of life you merrily spent;
And all I needed was a driving license!

At seventy, when people have hard time,
That they do not hear the clock chime!
Forgetting people name is a crime,
The remaining memory is tumultuous,
And you err, and people fuss,
Success then is memorizing a nursery rhyme!

At eighty, when you are fragile and old,
Every thing of life spent and sold;
And life is lived on sowed grants,
In that moment what success truly
Seems to be,
Is not to pee in your pants!
When I was a kid of five,
And happened to live
As every other growing plants;
Success for me,
Was not to pee
In my pants.

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