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The Promise

If I were you and you were me,
And somewhere lost were we!
Would you care not for my company?
For together could we always be!
But then you deserted me,
Like every other stranger before ye,
And then never ever did I see
Your face, or know anything again of ye!
Parted we forever as wished destiny,
And from familiar folks to strangers turned we!
But all the promises that made we,
Hope each executed their part faithfully!
And if never face we, minus faith in in we,
That thou couldn't work, neither for me
And I loved you for your all the simplicity,
But was broken of the message formality,
What use was a good morning never meant to be?
Ravaged in my heart, broken in mind for ye,
All ye could do was to shun me!
Reject my proposal, and altogether of me!
Bid me good night, young lady...
For dead me, your no more yours "Oldie"!

The Promise Reviewed by Polymath on 1:15 pm Rating: 5


  1. Emotionally charged.. Painfully sentimental.. Seems like words have come to life. Keep going.
    But I still puzzled why "anon Polymath?? Why not visible Polymath???

    1. Thank you, so much. Some life experience is worth sharing.
      Anon Polymath; because you know.


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