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The Jinxed Post

Many of you must be an avid fan of Harry Potter. Even though you may not be a fan, but you must have heard the name. [Well the story has nothing to do with Harry Potter]. And those who have read Harry Potter surely know Tom Marvolo Riddle –You Know Who, alias Lord Voldemort. So, Riddle, when he had completed his schooling and after travelling the world, wanted to work in Hogwarts as the professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts. But then the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore refused the post to Tom Riddle. After that they say, the post was jinxed and no master lasted more than a year.

Well thinking of the jinxed posts (not to say of posts on Facebook, Twitter or other social media), I happened to recollect a similar instance that happened in my school many years ago.
The principal of school died while in office. Some say his wife had poisoned him, because she had affair with one of those fortunate young gentlemen. But then those were wild rumours to disgrace a beautiful lady.
The next principal, who took the office turned mad in a month and was thrown out. Everyone said he had fallen in love with the widow of the former principal, and she had refused him.
 The third in the list happened to be a calm man with beautiful wife. When he took office, he laboured hard on redesigning the infrastructure of the school. But that affected his family life, to say. Soon afterwards, his wife divorced him and finally unable to cope with the stress, he resigned.
The fourth principal in the list, was a merry fellow who cracked jokes when he could, at the at the expense of the teachers. When he assumed the office, his behaviour changed. He would spend hours in the loo. And he would get enraged even at minor faults and reprimand both the students and teachers severely. Finally, he was diagnosed with prostate carcinoma and he quit.
They all had one peculiar complaint in common – they felt their mind was controlled, with severe tension and pressure in their head being the primary feature.
The fifth in the list was a clever young man. He had seen the fate of his predecessor and he presumed that the post was jinxed; the curse of the past principal who had been murdered. So, he said he would act as the acting principal, and leave the post vacant. And we saw that he never sat on the principal’s chair.
 It was a working fine for all of us until one day, due to an earthquake (they say it was a jinx) the building collapsed and the school was closed. Fortunately, it was a holiday!

Indeed, some posts are truly jinxed, be it even the topmost post of the most powerful nations!

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