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Anger in Calmness and Silence

Those were the times, when people lived fairly simply but were prejudiced against one another. And those were the times that though evil spread, but it was peaceful because ignorance too was widespread. Unlike today's time, when every little news that has some sort of bias, is made a great news by the culprits who want some gain out of someone's misfortune.
In those hazardous days, in a hazardous land, there existed a work that was equally hazardous. Why it was hazardous, you will understand when you have fully read the content! It was the work of a waiter. You would wonder how can a waiter's job cause a significant risk to the health of the waiter? But it can be so!
When people are at war with themselves, and with every other country-men; every harmless no seemingly insignificant job, becomes a job with an associated health risk.
The human mind is prone to react differently to different situations. And that creates a diversity in human behaviour. It is helpful to neurologist in some cases but then diversity makes the human beings unpredictable and creates a problem to what the consequence will be. No one thought it would lead to a crime that would chill the heart.
Those were the days, when anyone could have a gun if they wanted. The law was in the hands of those who wanted to make a deal out of it. And they did what they wanted. To earn bread by hard work was really a difficult job, because once you earned the bread, it was snatched away. So how long could you stay hungry? And so, lawlessness got hold of people's mind. The police was also the perpetrators in some of the crime. It's saddening but it is the truth. So those who worked as a waiter in some hotel or dhaba would have to see something of the wickedness of the society coming to have their meal.
That was where I worked - yes, in a dhaba; trying to figure out how to survive in this harsh world. People ordered food, and it took time to prepare them. Especially the chapatis which had to be kneaded and put on the fire. Everyone likes hot chapatis. A cold chapati will be keep the customers away. Some of the patient guys can wait till the chapati is made, whilst others who are impatient and want everything in a jiffy, will grumble and utter abusive words. Then there are the truly criminal minded who do not listen to a word, and shout and brawl when delayed.
That was the time when two men came to eat. They were strangers to me as well as to each other. I noticed that one of them was in traditional Indian attire, with a thick mustache. The other fellow was a clean shaven guy, wearing western dress, which is to say pants and shirt. Each of them ordered food, and I rose to serve them. Some more people flocked into the dhaba, and it got a bit crowded.
 Serving everyone was not possible at the same time. Some sat quietly on the bench and some were shouting. I laid the plate and food for the two men who had come earlier. The clean shaven guy finished his chapati, and asked for more. So I went to fetch it. As I brought the chapati, the mustached man asked me for a chapati. I, without thinking gave him the chapati, as he was near to me. I went to fetch another chapati. The clean-shaved guy, didn't say anything. He finished eating his vegetable with his spoon, went to the sink and washed his hands. Meanwhile I returned with another chapati, but it looked like the clean-shaven guy had finished eating. And that was when the climax occurred. The clean-shaven guy, took out a gun from his pocket, and pointed in my direction. I closed my eyes. I heard gun-shots and a loud scream. The mustached man lay dead on the table in a pool of blood. "The bastard wanted food. Go and have food in heaven." There was a furore, but  he silenced everybody by saying, "All of you, please enjoy your meal. Nothing has happened." He paid the bill to the awe-struck dhaba-cashier and departed.
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  1. Like it.. But I find it somewhat awkward that a person could kill for that trivial reason

    1. That was the point of the story.
      Human is unpredictable.
      And these psychology..


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