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the MATTER of…

It was a world of Matter. Matter coexisted with each other with strong bonds. It was almost impossible to divide them and break those strong bonds. It was what every form of existence envied Matter about. The unity in diversity. Yeah! Matter looked diverse, but then within it was all one, guided by the same basic force and underlying congruence. Every other form of existence like Time, Energy, Space, etc. hated Matter. But they had signed the Law of Creation, and they couldn’t do anything to destroy Matter. The Law of Creation required that they support each other for their mutual existence. Any direct harm done to any of them would be reflected on to the existence of the others.
     Their Creator spoke most benevolently of Matter, and how He had prided in His creation. And He had spent maximum of Himself so that Matter in all its form would be unique of them all! The rest of them turned green with jealousy, especially Energy, because he was elder and a rival to Matter. If Matter hadn’t existed he would be the Creator’s favourite. And Matter had something they were devoid of – the ability to replicate itself.
 They feared that if Matter would be left as such, then their own existence would be questionable. So they plotted to destroy Matter, in the Creator’s absence. A council was held and Energy presided the meeting.
 “Brothers and sisters, since our creation we have tolerated great injustice. The Creator has been extremely biased and given all his attention to Matter. He has neglected our existence and importance. So we should teach Matter a lesson, so that the Creator acknowledges our role in the growth of Matter. Otherwise Matter with its replicating ability will outgrow all of us, making us but servants of his infinite desires. And the Creator will only listen to him.”
Time came up with a brilliant suggestion. “Why don’t we instill some underlying dissimilarity into Matter. The strength of Matter is the basic framework of similarity and strong mutual bond. We just have to work together and create some Matter that have an underlying dissimilarity, and by the grace of the Creator they have the ability to replicate, so we don’t need to do much work after that.”
Space stole the blueprint of Matter from the Creator’s lab, and discovered the frame work of Matter’s creation. With the knowledge, they worked on a part of Matter by force and persuasion, to change the underlying similarity through a change in spin of the primary constituent that made them so cohesive, so united in their various forms. And it resulted in the creation of Anti-Matter. When Anti-Matter came into being, they told him the harsh truth that it was Matter who had all along obstructed his existence. And they sowed in him the seed of hatred for Matter.
And Anti-Matter tried to create more of himself through replication and with Time, Energy and Space help. When a critical level of Anti-Matter existence had reached the trio left Anti-Matter to fend for himself.
The surest way to destroy Matter was through Anti-Matter. Turn Matter and Anti-Matter against each other, and watch them annihilate each other to release Energy.
 No remorse! And Energy profited the most. Time and Space had their booty too with an increase in their net worth!

I closed my eyes and thought of India and Pakistan.
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