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The Language of Love

They saw each other for the first time in the library. And that was when they were first acquainted with each other. They would often meet in the library, where his favourite place was to sit opposite to her but at a respectable distance. And they would often acknowledge each other presence with a silent look, before resuming their studies.
It was a month since they first met. And he had loved her immensely. He watched her through the corner of his eyes. And she reciprocated by meeting his gaze with a silent quick look. He knew it. Because he could feel in his heart, a synchronicity of beats. It was sympathetic when two souls truly in love meet and express their feelings through the synchronicity of heart beats.
It was quite difficult for them to part when they were in the library. Each wanted the other to stay. But then someone had to leave. He pondered for a while, and thought he couldn’t exist alone in a world without her, so it was better he made the early exit. And when he sensed that she would be leaving the library, he would shut his book, give her one last look and leave.
They would talk to each other in the silent library through their eyes. For the eyes spoke more than the tongue could. And he could tell her by the look on his face that he was going to the mess for lunch. And she would understand. For it wasn’t coincidence that five minutes later she would be in the same mess eating, however, at a different table.
As they gradually got to know each other they realized they really couldn’t understand each other. Not a word of each other.

 For the girl couldn’t speak Hindi and the boy couldn’t understand Dhivehi. But then Love could, for silence was indeed the language of Love! 
The Language of Love Reviewed by Polymath on 9:11 pm Rating: 5


  1. Good Story... I like it

  2. And they learnt the international language and it became the only language of each ;)

    1. They knew English. But I believe later they learnt each other's language out of mutual respect.


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