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The hyper-Loop

   Joy had come from the mountains with high hopes of becoming a doctor. He had great ambition and he wished to fulfill his desires in the Great Capital City.
   It was a doctor manufacturing factory where he wanted to go. Young and enthusiastic lads entered the factory and old, bald, spectacled, worn out hopeless adults (supposed to look like middle-aged adults) with the tag of a doctor emerged out. But that was not so in the case of girls. It was a reverse condition for them. The lass who were childish, fidgety, looked ugly, dark and skinny would enter the manufacturing factory and emerge out to be confident, young, beautiful doctors. A varying contrast between the male and the female counterparts.
 That was the first stage of the manufacturing factory a period of more than five and half long years, where a general doctor was produced.  In the next stage in the manufacturing factory, a selected group of doctors were polished and perfected for specialized function. The selection process for the second stage was a rigorous one and not all doctors could perform the privileged functions. And there were chances of getting stuck in a hyper-loop for many seasons for those who were adamant to get a specific function. Getting out of the hyper-loop was a matter of fate and chance.
   Here the processing was a bit different from the first step. Old haggard, middle aged male doctors who lacked any life in them would undergo the second stage of manufacturing process and come out to be confident doctors with myopic vision. While the female doctors who were supposedly beautiful and confident young women would undergo the second stage of manufacturing to become cynical, grumpy, old lady looking worn out and haggard (especially from those section, who dealt with midwifery and gynecology). If they hadn’t found a husband earlier, I bet once they emerged from the manufacturing factory any sane man would bet to spend the remainder of his life with them.
    So Joy entered the stage one of manufacturing factory through a highly selective and competitive process, having succeeded a bloody battle of succession and emerging victorious. Confident, he thought he would bring a great change. But unfortunately, he didn’t know the ways of the workers of the manufacturing factory and how, some of the processed material sought to damage the raw material. They were rough and he was man-handled. When he emerged five and half years later from the first stage of the manufacturing factory, it looked he had lost all his enthusiasm and desire to change the world. In fact he had changed himself a lot. He wasn’t cheerful or that carefree guy. He had become thoughtful, moody and serious. Just like the transformation of a kitten into a cat.
   They say a cat has nine lives. And while they are kitten and know nothing about the number of their lives, they are playful (hence the phrase, as playful as a kitten).  When they grow up and they are told about it, they realize that they have already lost a large part of their nine lives, and so they zealously and seriously guard their remaining lives, becoming vindictive in the process and having a cunning attitude.
         This is what happens to the majority in the manufacturing factory, but however is not universal. Now once the first stage is over, the next stage in the manufacturing factory is for those who have the guts to undergo the selection process for the second stage of specialized manufacturing. Get specialized in their function. Like the T cells which are produced in response to antigens. Or like the Enzymes which have high specificity and catalyze specific reaction.
So Joy after emerging out from the first stage, had forgotten what he had aimed at when he was a young lad due to sheer peer pressure in the manufacturing factory. He also joined the rat race, which everyone ran and had been trained and taught for. He had seen many of his male seniors who had entered the second stage of manufacturing emerge out as confident healthy doctors. But the female seniors, who were genuine young lady and would blush on seeing a naked child had learnt to shout and scream, that any man would wonder, if they were women indeed!
  The selection process for the second stage of manufacturing was held in May and November every year. So Joy decided to give his November selection process. The results of which were to be declared in January. And those who qualified and opted to undergo the specialization process for the second stage would be put into the factory by late May or beginning of June. So those who weren’t satisfied with their November performance, and wanted a better factory or better function would continue to study for May selection process.
Joy laboured hard and bravely faced the November selection process (he had expected he would do well), and was shocked when the results were declared in January. So he decided to study for the May selection process. But the crucial two months were over. He worked hard and gave the exams. He had a fair rank to get some function but not the one many craved for. He looked at his friends, and their functions. Someone in his peer group urged him that he could do better.
So Joy thought, ‘May is already gone. And in November the selection procedure will begin. October will be spent in controversy about filling forms and who will conduct the selection process. So O’ God, I have only four months to prepare!’

He settled down once again with his books, and entered the hyper-loop. This is the life of a doctor, and not of Elon Musk!

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  1. For the position to be called second god..
    It is fair ;D


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