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A Bachelor’s First Love

She was a girl with a very weak frame. The first time I met her was outside the library. Well, she was signing her entry and I chanced to read her name. And she wore scarf over her head, like most beautiful girls do. I was fascinated. And she wore jeans. I was fascinated again! I looked at her small body. She was plain. No man I believed, could fall for her!
       But the serenity and peace on her face, captured my mind.  I tried to think, that I couldn’t get anywhere with a plain, small girl who hadn’t any flesh. My carnal instincts would never get satisfied! Yes, unless I could fall in love with her! And I believed I couldn’t. She sat in the library, and I chose to sit opposite to her. Her concentration was on the book and my on her. She however sometimes would raise her head to face me and go back to reading. And I wondered and wrote. I would sometimes steal a glance at her beautiful face. Yes she was beautiful, I realised, now her body frame was hidden by the table. And I wanted to stare at her lovely eyes, and forge in them my love, my impression. But she seemed oblivious of my presence. And that irritated me. After sometime she got up, perhaps for refreshment. I waited for her to come back- I felt loneliness without her. Strange!
‘A first meeting shouldn’t go that way,’ I thought. ‘And I know nothing of that girl.’ But deep in my heart, I wanted her. So on a piece of paper, I scribbled- “Without you I will be forever alone.” And wrote my identity. I kept the paper in the book she was reading. My heart beat raced. I felt like I was a thief and had committed some crime. So after some reflections, I went back and removed the paper. As I did so, I saw her coming and I quickly got back to my seat.  She looked at me suspiciously, a look that penetrated deep into my heart. So I nervously left the table and went to eat my supper. After I had my supper, I returned to the library. And perchance by intuition, I stopped to read the notice board outside the library. There was a page pinned on the notice board from the college magazine; the title of which was “If I were to die tomorrow….” And students had expressed their thoughts. I was taken aback when I saw the girl’s name with her picture. And she had written – If I were to die tomorrow you would remain single for eternity.
 I closed my eyes and relished the feeling. Probably that was what my thought was a couple of hours ago. Her serene face seemed to draw me towards her. I went back to the library. It’s unfortunate that you can’t build a conversation inside a library. I looked at her but she seemed to take no notice of me. I was in dilemma how to express myself to her. And at the stroke of quarter to midnight, she left with her books.

I had wondered who that stupid fellow who would fall for her was. I realized I was that stupid fellow, and so I once again wrote my identity on a rough paper in red ink instructing her to search in the Google, kept it on the stack of books where she sat, and fled...
A Bachelor’s First Love Reviewed by Polymath on 2:23 am Rating: 5


  1. Wow!!! Great story... Seems like true..

  2. The Girl is looking so beautifullllll !!!! Muahhhhhh!!!!

  3. Much time passed and I was just checking out my blog,
    All the write-ups of mine were a part of me which I tried to give a theme.
    There was a comment..
    "I will not let you be alone"
    And I thought is this any kind of threat ! But I never did any bad.. then what it may mean ? I thought for sometime before my eye fell on my table.. it was a mess and I thought to arrange it atleast. No grown-up's room must be this messy and I forgot about the comment. I write and draw to ease myself from the frustrations.. and my table was full of those writings and drawings..
    I had a hard and happy time arranging. Then some paper lying crushed on the floor drew my attention and I picked to check what was, and the picture of the beautiful angel like creature's was in front!
    And I knew what was the comment..!!

    1. That was the most beautiful way of writing a the future of this story. No doubt you are a writer in yourself!

    2. Thank-you for appreciating and not getting angry because of the interference to the story English guy,
      I like happy endings.. :-D

    3. Dear English girl, if you were two years older, I would take you as my wife, and that would be the happiest ending for us. I could have written a story and you could have suggested an alternate ending.
      Love, AP.

    4. Two years older..?? Because girls below certain age are stupid XD
      I will give a happy ending to every sad story.. if possible ;)
      For I like happy endings.. :D

    5. Haaha. Thanks for giving a happy ending to my stories. Yes, I believed girls below a certain age were stupid. I used to keep away from them. Not anymore.


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