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What Stopped 21st Century's Civilisations Progress?

What Stopped 21st Century's Civilisations Progress?

Someday when the world will accuse,
What deteriorated mankind's progress
After the twentieth century?
Then the only reply would be,
The scientific mind was put to disuse
Entertaining the accursed modern dress!

An attire of fake smiles and conceited speech
And a laugh from a cold heart,
And a company made only for gain;
So how could mankind uplift without pain?
With all the discoveries and inventions that teach
Honest labour is civilisation's progress from the start.

If imagination be snatched from the mind's eye,
Could mankind flourish unaided blindly?
Not so, for that happens in this century
With children bred without imagination to be
Parasites to feed on natural resources and die,
Gifting the future generation a poor heritage to see!  

When Poetry is crushed under the feet
And a gentleman's civility is a talk of old age,
And inventions are replaced by innovations
And man buries himself in cell-phones and televisions -
The Devil's inventions will bring mankind on the street
And progressing civilisation will be a talk of old days!

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  1. True..
    And wrote it realising the real, thanks for the write-up great.

  2. Thank you anonymous reader. I warmly acknowledge your appreciation.


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