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The Song of Innocence

The Song of Innocence

If ever you knew how to be a kid,
And sing a song without a mind,
And play peek-a-boo with the wind,
And on sloping pavement, skid.
You had a child's vision and sense,
Deep in your heart was the child's innocence!

If ever you laughed till you cried,
And made yourself a nuisance to your neighbour.
And when your dad returned after the day's labour
And even for the worse, took your side,
For all you had with you little sense,
You had in your heart a child's innocence!

If ever you peeked into a deep hole,
And wondered what lived within it?
If there was a goblin, a snake or a rabbit,
And would come out to eat you up whole
And that would frighten you out of your sense,
You had in your heart the child's innocence!

If ever you looked at a beautiful girl with indifference
And no matter what, your heart was just a heart,
And wounded knees mattered more than painful art,
And beauty could not shake you off your sense,
And to beauty, you wouldn't lose your sense,
You had within you the child's innocence!

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